Thursday, April 1

I feel like sharing. Randomly.

I ate Taco Bell for dinner last night. Nachos bell grande minus the beans (beans=nasty). It wasn't tasty at all and left me feeling pretty crummy.

I wanted to paint my toenails, so I could wear sandals today. I threw away all my old polish a few months ago and never bought any new stuff, so that was out. My left big toe has the smallest amount of polish still on it from last year, so I was going to remove it. The polish remover was too old to even begin to get that stubborn polish off. But you can't keep a girl from wearing sandals when the weather breaks, so here's my solution:

(If you can't tell, that's a bandaid on my big toe!)

I'm wearing one of Jen's shirts today - a cute pink polo in size 20/22. It fits perfectly. I guess that could be considered an NSV, since I haven't worn a 20 (even if it is a 20/22, let me say 20)in anything in a few years. YEAH! Love the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

I splurged on a new water bottle at Starbucks today. It's awesome! I like it because it has a normal-size opening to drink out of (screw off the top half of the lid), but opens wider (screw off the entire lid) so I can get ice in it. And it doesn't have one of those annoying sports-sucker-type tops. My Starbucks had them on clearance for $12, if you'd like to be cool like me (mine's grey):
I ate a piece of frozen pizza for lunch, and I am ready to eat my arm off. Bad choice. I already ate my banana I brought as my afternoon snack. My coworker gave me a light cheese stick, and I am still hungry. Guzzling water is not helping, although it is fun since my new water bottle is so pretty. Note to self: pizza has no staying power.

We have no plans for Easter, and I am pretty happy about that. (Side rant: MIL insisted on spending Thanksgiving with us, even though I didn't want her to and protested pretty loudly to DH about it, as that was the day I came home from the hospital with my lapband. When Christmas rolled around, she proclaimed over and over again that she was spending the holiday with BIL since "we got her for Thanksgiving, and she rotates holidays among her kids to keep it fair." I figured we were spending Easter with her, based on this proclamation, but I was wrong. Apparently, I don't understand what rotate means. When we move to FL, I guess she'll have to rotate with FIL for holidays, and since I learned the real meaning of rotation from her, it might not go exactly as she thinks/wants. {insert evil wink & grin here} )

I want to change the look of my blog, but I am afraid another change will push Shrinking Mommy over the top! She might even stop following me, and that would be a travesty!

I am totally slacking at work today. I need to stop. And on that note, I should get something done before the end of the day!


  1. Heehhee - love the rotating MIL. Sometimes I think their head indeed rotate...

  2. I want that bottle! Your MIL ;)

  3. LOL on the toe band-aid. Clever.
    Woot on the NSV Size 20/22 - I'm glad you like the shirt. I loved it, super comfy.

    You have fun and change your blog if you want. I'm sure ShrinkingMommy can handle not, she'll tell you. (I love her honesty!) Since you take such FAB photos, I bet you could do well with a header like this one - I SO WANT one but haven't figured out how to do it. Here is what I'm talking about:
    If you figure out how to do it let me know, I'm always up for a change! :)

  4. I like the band-aid. You should try to put on one of those kiddie band-aids. Or go buy some O.P.I. polish.

    I'll rotate through thanksgiving with you when you get to Florida. It is usually snow here by the middle of November and I can use some warmth. MIL-love em or hate em. Just remember they aren't there forever. I no longer have one but still have all the brothers (5) that came with my DH to put up with. Have a nice Easter and don't eat too many bunny droppings.

  5. lol I've done the band aid thing but on my fingers once when I had the same trouble. Us girls are known for our lateral thinking - esp in situations like that.

    Have a lovely non-busy easter huh. I think we are about the same - I'm not doing much either. x

  6. Love the water bottle I think I have a water bottle addiction.. HMMMM

  7. fine. whatever. change your blog (again). maybe i will make that one of my 5 ruby changes..."not freaking out when websites or computer programs change". i want a new a phone and to leave blackberry brand after 6 years but i can't bring myself to do it. i even tried playing on the droid website last night to work myself up to it.

    i am loving the dark blue/purple shades from OPI right now.

    your MIL can't come to thanksgiving in florida. that is always a disney week for me and you will be busy riding rock and roll rollercoaster with me while your husband watches the beauty and the beast with the kids for us (i knew i would find a use for a husband one day!).

    oh...and technically it was ELEVEN pairs of jeans. 8 are going today -- 3 are staying.