Thursday, March 14

Just checking in...

It's been just over 4 months since my revision to the sleeve, and I've lost 62 lbs (or 41% of my excess weight). I am over the moon happy about it!

My hunger is mostly gone. I can eat anything I want - absolutely nothing causes me issues. I eat around 1000 calories daily, and while I try to go heavy on the protein and eat reasonably for most meals, I don't at all feel like I am on a diet. It's so liberating.

No vomiting. No foaming. No being stuck. No pain. No ordering soup every time I go out to eat. No avoiding water. No problems whatsoever...

Wednesday, January 2

A new year, a new me

I was sleeved on November 9th. It was quite the ordeal, a hiatal hernia, and a very severe umbilical hernia that caused so much pain and issues that I was in the hospital for five days.

But I am sleeved. It's not been what I expected. I'm still hungry all the time. Unfortunately, the band caused so much damage that I have esophageal dilation, which my surgeon thinks is causing the hunger. The good news is I can't eat much, and I am working very hard on discipline, so I am down 46 lbs since my surgery (in 7.5 weeks).

In 2013, I hope to lose 100 lbs to hit my stretch goal, become a runner (once again), and blog weekly.

Hope all is well with everyone!