Wednesday, April 21

Thread-bare thread

I am hanging on by a thread, and it's feeling pretty thread-bare. About to snap. About to break.

WARNING: Major pity party, poutfest, whineapalooza, sighville below. Proceed at your own risk.

*I have basically no restriction. How in the hell is that possible after being so tight I couldn't eat anything but liquids for 10 days? I even posted about it on LBT, because I am (irrationally) starting to think the lap-band isn't going to work for me. I have a call into my PA, but she hasn't called me back yet. 11cc in a 14cc band, too tight for 10 days, and then BOOM, nada. Sigh.

*DH has to work Friday. Our sitter doesn't watch kids on Fridays. I have to work Friday as well. Those three things don't go together very well. Sigh.

*DH is supposed to come home on Thursdays, but since he has to work Friday, he can't come home tomorrow. And it's his birthday. Sigh.

*DH is being sent to Orlando next week to cover their store as store manager while the current store manager is out on medical leave. He is leaving Tuesday on a one-way ticket. Sigh.

*DH has no idea when he'll be back. Hence the one-way ticket. Sigh.

*I love my kids, but I do not enjoy being solely responsible for them. Sigh.

*I have no one to watch the kids on every Friday going forward, assuming DH is in Orlando. Sigh.

*I have to work next Monday and Tuesday evenings. HAVE TO. As of right now, I have no one to watch the kids (my mom is trying to get back in time to watch them, but she is stuck in the UP of MI trying to get her dad settled in a nursing home, and it's not going well). Sigh.

*My period started today. Sigh.

*I am up 1.4 lbs from my lowest. Sigh.

*I have a ton of work to do and don't want to. Sigh.


  1. Hoping all works out. But one good thing-you have lost over 50 pounds. Happy Sigh!

  2. AWWW! I hope things work out for you!

  3. It's okay to have a pity party!

    On the restriction bit...welcome to my world. I had pretty decent restriction and then it just went away. I mean NONE. I could scarf food with the best of those speed eating champs and no restriction and that was 7.5cc's in an 11cc band. So during my port revision the surgeon put me up to 8cc's. Still barely any restriction. I have a little but it's still not where it used to be. So I talked to my surgeon and he says not to worry yet that I'm still not too close to my 11cc limit to be worrying so that is probaby where you are at too. So the point of my huge rambling paragraph is to not worry!

    I wish I lived closer, I'd help watch your kids.

  4. So sorry for all the drama! Keep your chin up!

  5. Pity parties are necessary sometimes! Hang in there!!

  6. I'm sorry, I hope things get better!

  7. :( <<<<<>>>>> Wish I lived closer so I could help you out.

  8. 50lbs is amazing. You can do it! Just stay positive...a little bump in the road!

  9. Awe! Bitch away. That really stinks-all of it. But we are here for you! Maybe you and the kids could plan a movie day or something to break things up a bit.

  10. I have pity parties about twice a week and they really stink b/c usually there is no cake at said party. I KNOW how hard it is to be a solo parent. When H has a night out with the guys (like once a month) I have to bite my tongue to keep from asking him not to go. Its so freakin' hard. I don't know how single parents' do it.

    As for the restriction, I am CLEARLY no expert here as I've had the band for only 1 month and supposedly have no fluid in my band BUT, don't people just have some looser days than others?

    Maybe you are just having a loose time period? I know that even sans restriction, I have had days where I can't get down much more than coffee and yogurt and others (like Monday) where I could eat a well-done steak and all the fixins' if you let me.


    Remember my post awhile back about LBT and analysis paralysis? It will make your party worse. It will make your little pity party turn into a kegger ripe with drunk college kids and beer pong. Seriously, get out now and leave your questions to the experts -- B.O.O.B.S!

  11. I am so sorry to hear you have all of this going on!! If I were closer I would watch your kids for you! You will get this figured out, you are a smart, successful can do anything. Get that PA to give you a fill if you need it...

  12. So Sorry Amy! You do have alot going on. I wish we lived closer (I wanna move to FL too - so that'll work!) and we could hang out and I'd help you be responsible for the kiddos. lol
    I have no idea about the restriction. I do wonder if it's b/c of your TOM - I'm always STARVING right before mine...but I still have restriction. The band is so frustrating!