Wednesday, October 20

Thousand Word Thursday Topic #5

Now that I'm not weeping in my coffee, it's time for TWT to make its grand return!

This week's topic:

Favorite shoes. Need I say more?

I feel my mojo returning.

I'm starting to feel a bit more like myself. However, I also feel a cold coming on. Of course!

On the band front, I am doing pretty well with my restriction. I could probably use a sparrow's fart of a fill, but I hate to waste the time and money on a small one, so I am going to hold off for a few weeks and see how I do. My eating is pretty good - mostly meat and veggies with some dairy and chocolate (and coffee) thrown in for good measure. Ironically, or maybe happily, most starchy carbs don't even appeal to me much, so it's easy to skip those. DH is acting as my STOP button - he can tell when I am slowing down and should stop at dinner, and his "You're there" really does help me stop. For some reason, I don't have a problem with breakfast or lunch, just dinner.

Thanks for all the kind comments on my photos yesterday. I'm toying around with the idea of offering some heavily discounted sessions to see if it's something I want to do. I've batted the idea around now for over a year, so I guess it's time to just try it and see if it's something I want to do or not.

Other than that, I am boring and have nothing to report!

Tuesday, October 19

You people...

...are turning me into a druggie!

After all the very supportive comments, I decided to take the Zoloft. I started it Friday. I'll let you know if and when I feel a difference.

I forced myself back to the gym today. 2 miles of running/walking. Going again tomorrow. I have been working on my resume (thanks for the suggestions and leave me your email if you want to help!), getting back into my housecleaning routine, taking the kids for evening walks to the park, and cooking healthy meals. My heart isn't totally in it, but sometimes you gotta fake it 'til you make it, right?

I tried to take pics of my kids over the weekend, but had a disaster instead. I dropped my camera about 4" onto the carpet and broke my favorite lens! WAHHHH! I am lost without that lens, so I am shopping for a new one. I think I'm going to upgrade and use my Christmas/birthday gifts from DH to get a better one, so good news/bad news, I guess. I just need to make a decision soon, as DS just turned 18 months and DD turns 3 next month. I need to take their pics!

And on that note, here's my brag for the day - some pics I took of my friend's newborn last week. I really enjoy taking photos; I guess I really should put a little effort into getting a side business going. Well, that's assuming anyone thinks my work is worth paying for!

Friday, October 15


I'm here. Thanks to everyone who checked up on me - Maria, Heidi, Angela...It's so nice knowing I am missed.

I talked to my gyn about my unhappiness/depression/issues, and she prescribed Zoloft. I have the prescription filled, but I haven't taken it yet. I'm just not sure I want to take any meds. Sigh. If I'm debating it this much, I should probably just take them, right? (ETA: It's not that I feel shame taking them - it's the side effects I'm concerned about - weight gain, jittery, insomnia, decreased sex drive, etc.)

Other than that, I am eating crappy and exercising even less. That changes this minute. I have a half-marathon to run in 4 months - I must get my butt in gear. I also have a one year bandiversary approaching, and I'd like to lose at least 130 lbs in the first year, if not more. I also know I'll feel better if I do both of those things. I also need to get a bit of a refill; it's just time and money holding me back.

On a fun note, DH & I just bought Disney passes (they started a monthly payment plan), and we took the kids to the Magic Kingdom for their first visit last weekend. I think we'll head back again this weekend.

Finally, anyone out there a resume expert? If so, would you be willing to help me? I think I have a strong resume, but it needs to be stronger.

I promise to start posting and commenting again. I missed you too much to stay away!

Thursday, October 7


Sorry I'm not writing nor commenting. Just feeling blah about everything. My band, my life, my husband, my SAHM-ness, my non-working-ness, my house, finances, housework, eating, not eating, weight loss, exercise, lack of friends down here, lack of babysitters down here, and so on.

At least the weather is enjoyable - low 80s during the day, high 50s at night.

I have a gyn appt tomorrow morning, and I am seriously considering asking for a 30-day (or six week, whatever is standard) prescription for something to help break me out of what I think is 'situational depression'. I'm not sure if that's even what it is, or if she'll do anything about it, or really if that's what I even need, but I need something to help me snap out of this.

I'll be back - I'm not even really leaving. I just need a day or two to process this mood.

Wednesday, October 6

Thousand Word Thursday Topic #4

Sorry this is so late! Ahhhh....

This week's topic is:

Your favorite place where you live (your house, your town, whatever you choose to define as "where you live") - the place where you relax, recenter, regroup. Show us and tell us why it's YOUR place!

Monday, October 4

The Kiddos

This is a totally braggy, proud momma post. Just warning you up front in case you don't wanna puke a little in your mouth.

On the off chance you don't have the details of my life memorized (haha!), DD will be 3 next month and DS is 17 months old. They were so well-behaved, so cute, and simply, adorably perfect this weekend. They did a pretty good job of walking up the aisle, although DS did not want DD to hold his hand. But they made it. When they got to the front, DD turned around, jumped up and down with her arms in the air, and announced to the room, "YEAH! I did it! I DID IT!" Everyone in the room roared with laughter. I beamed with pride. They danced the night away at the reception and were (mostly) good as gold, other than DS who is a 'bolter' - if he sees an open door or any expanse of open space, he bolts. Immediately.

Anyhow, here are the two loves of my life with a few of DH and I thrown in for good measure:

At the rehearsal

I think he's thinking, "What can I get into next?"

Typical Elise attitude.

Beckett with my brother (who actively works to gain weight)

The fam


MY best man. <3

My mini-me!

Lookin' good, if I do say so myself!

With my kiddos (and two boobs about to break free!)

Typical Beckett tantrum.

My little girl - I just love her!

Looking for his next escape route.

Elise and the bride.

My worldly traveler.


Left the house at 9 am Friday and returned at 11:30 pm last night. Two flights, two toddlers, two car seats, a double stroller, six carry-ons, a 49.6 lb checked suitcase, arriving at the hotel at 4:45 pm and having to be at the rehearsal at 5 pm, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, time with friends, lunch with family, getting entire family ready, pictures before ceremony, ceremony, reception, one wandering toddler, one dancing fool toddler, no naps, sharing beds with toddlers, a Sunday brunch with family, rushing to the airport, and more. All in about 61 hours (if I am doing the math right).

I am exhausted.

On the band-front, I'm afraid to get on the scale. My unfill was a little too effective. I need a bit of a fill, but I'm going to give it a week to see how I do. Need to get back to the gym this week and get serious about my half-marathon training.

However, I also wanted to share some pics (I'll post some more of the kids after I've unpacked); the first is from my son's baptism 10.25.09, the second is from my daughter's second birthday 11.15.09, and the third is from this weekend, 10.01.10. About 10-11 months of changing. I realize I do comparison shots every so often, but I think 'real life' shots tell the story more clearly in a lot of ways. And I have to be honest, I have about 75 lbs to go, but the truth is, if I stayed here for the rest of my life, I wouldn't be disappointed. Not to say I am stopping, not by any stretch, but I am okay with where I am, if that makes any sense.



Friday, October 1

6 inches make me happy!

Get your minds out of the gutter! From needing an extender to having at least 6 extra inches...