Tuesday, April 13

Craaaaaaaaaaazy thoughts beat down

I have lots of crazy thoughts. As you, my loverly followers (and yes, I do mean loverly), already know.

I met a friend I used to play bunco with (Don't laugh! It's fun!) for lunch to discuss me taking her daughter's senior pictures. As we've discussed ad nauseum the past few days, I am uber-tight. The whole way to meet her, I had discussions with myself about ordering soup. A bowl of soup. Nothing else but soup.

We get to Chili's, and I peruse the menu and start having hallucinations about getting something else, telling myself that artichoke and spinach dip would probably go down just fine. Or chips and salsa. Or maybe even some kind of nacho.

WTH is wrong with me? Oh, that's right. Crazy. C-R-A-Z-Y. Like four shades of purple crazy (yeah, I have no idea what that means, but it sounds really crazy, doesn't it?).

I can't eat crap right now. I KNOW this. So, I push those thoughts aside. Victory, I say to myself. WRONG.

I then see that they have this express lunch that comes with chips, salad, and bottomless soup. Of course, I should get that, right? Bottomless soup. Perfect. Goes well with my lavendar, purple, violet, and royal, doesn't it?

Suddenly, I snap out of it and realize that one ONE ONE bowl of soup will be plenty.

And I order one bowl of soup.


Take that crazy thoughts! Oh yeah! I am the champion. Queen was totally singing about ME. I so totally beat you down, crazy thoughts.

Too bad I was practically drooling while watching my friends eat. Oh well, still a victory, even if it was soaked with drool.


  1. That is some strong willpower, GO YOU!!!

    I need to find me some of that...I always let the bad thinking and food porn pictures get the best of me :(

  2. excellent work! The good folks at Campbell's didn't lie: soup is good food!

  3. Yes and soup does the body good.. Good for you!!

  4. You beat the heck out of the crazy thoughs. Way to go girlfriend!

  5. I tried to talk myself into ordering way too much at a restaurant on Sunday. I never would've been able to eat it. Good job! It is funny how easily we forget and try to convince ourselves that we can actually chose to overeat.

  6. GOOD FOR YOU! I have such a hard time with crazy ordering thoughts. I'm so proud of you.

  7. My dear Amy - those are not thoughts - that's your very own Drazil.....you have one too! You should name it!

  8. Yes!! Beat them down sister. Don't know if I could resist chips and salsa.

  9. Yeah for getting one (yes one) bowl of soup. Was it enough? I dread going to East Side Mario's because the have this all you can eat salad, soup and bread. Used to be my fav but will have to adjust my thinking.

  10. Way to beat that food monster - it's a challenge at EVERY meal for us!

  11. Well done!! It's funny, before I was banded I always heard about folks needing a brain band. Now I am learning why first hand!