Friday, April 9


1. If you could have lunch with a famous person who would it be and what would you order?

That's so tough. Brett Favre or Ellen Degeneres.

I still love Brett even if he is a traitor. I could just gaze into his eyes and not even need to eat. OK, if I had to order, I'd order him on a bun. Hold the lettuce.

And I totally puffy heart Ellen. I think I'd be laughing too hard to even eat. Although she's a super clean, healthy eater, so I'd probably rather laugh than eat what she's eating. But in order to also appear to be a healthy eater, I'd order something vegan and raw. And pretend to like it just to impress her.

2. Where’s the furthest place you’ve traveled to?

I've been to Germany several times as an exchange student and then to visit my exchange student. I've also been to Alaska (honeymoon and AWESOME!), which I think is just about as far as Germany from where I live.

3. If you could describe yourself in 4 words – what would they be?

Emotional, giving, loyal, and smart

4. What’s one interesting thing about you we don’t know?

Just one? But there's sooooooo many! Alright, I fenced for one year in high school and managed to place second in a Junior Olympic qualifier and 17th in the US JO's.

5. Finally – whose blog spoke to you, stuck with you, stayed in your mind, resonated with you – this week – and why?

Lots of people poured their hearts out this week, and I am uber-proud of them and thankful for their willingness to share and be open and raw and vulnerable and for making me think.

Band-wise, Cara had a GREAT post about how not needing to diet, and I still am trying to find a reasonably-priced flight to Australia so I can kiss her!


  1. Great answers. I big puffy heart Ellen too.

  2. Oh my - Ellen is a good one! Good job!