Monday, April 12

Head games

First, 100 followers! YEAH! Thanks so much for following my crazy babbles.

Second, 327.2 lbs this morning. HOLY HELL! I am melting. WOOHOO!

Third, and the reason I am melting is that I am on a serious head trip.

I was talking to my BFF last night and telling her how I was still tight, but that it was loosening up because I'd been able to eat a lot today (which was yesterday, but it was today in the convo - follow me?). I ticked off all this food I'd eaten:

B: 1/2 of a fruit and yogurt parfait from McD's and about 1/4 of a small iced coffee
L: 1 chicken nugget and 1 tiny bite of cheeseburger from Wendy's (we had company and fast food was just easier, as she is the pickiest person alive) and about 3 bites of Frosty
S: 3/4 oz cheese
D: 1.5 raviolis with sauce

As I said it, she was like, "Ummmm, BFF, you are crazy." And I realized she was right. That's hardly any food. That's about one meal's worth of food, not three meals' worth of food. Certainly not a day's worth of food.

My mindset is all screwy. And let's not even talk about the amount of food I keep ordering and wasting, because I am hungry and think I can eat it, but I can't.

Part of me started freaking out, because I am hungry a lot. Not eat-my-arm-off-hungry, but thinking-about-food-hungry. I was thinking it was because I was *still* too loose.

Then I had an epiphany. It's not because I am too loose. It's because I am too tight. Right? Follow me for a minute.

The amount of food I ate yesterday wouldn't help anyone feel full all day. Even if they were at perfect restriction, because it was such a small amount.

But if my band loosens just a bit, and I can eat in the ballpark of a cup of food per meal (not all day!), I am thinking I should feel restriction.

Is anyone following me here? What do you think? Or maybe I really am just crazy!


  1. I could have written this post. Exchange BFF for husband.

    I'll up your crazy...I called for a FILL! Yep, supposed to go in on the 29th. (This post reminds me I should cancel that!) I thought because one day when was able to eat my WHOLE dinner, a whole cup of taco salad, that I was too lose again.
    Ah, DER!! It was the only meal I had been able to eat that day. Jeez! I've also wasted so much food because I order and think I can eat it - hahahahhahahahahaha! Yeah, NO.

    You are not crazy, you are right on sister. You are too tight if you can't eat 1/2 a cup of food. Not that you are tight enough to need an unfil, but too tight in the fact that of course you are not going to stay full for long eating one nugget or one ravioli.

    The only thing I can say is try to find a soup you like that has plenty of nutrition (holla...Chicken tortilla soup on my blog!) and you'll find that if you can eat about 1 cup of it, it may help keep you full long enough to get through this tight spot.

    I hope that helped and made some sense - it's early on a Monday!


  2. is the deal-eo. I guess your breakfast could be considered a slider...and maybe your din din...but if you were able to keep down your lunch, that should have held your real physical hunger for a while I think. It was solid protein and should have stayed in your little pouchie poo for long enough to hold you even if you were really tight.

    Maybe a protein shake mixed in during the day (yucky)?

  3. I like what Jennifer suggests. See if you loosen up because you aren't eating much. I had an unfill because I could eat about what you had in a day and was still really hungry. Now I can eat so much and am not losing any weight. I need to get back some restriction and hope to get a top-up next week. You should be able to eat about a cup of food and it should keep you for about 4 hours. A nugget doesn't seem to me to be much. Hmmm.

  4. Amy W., I agree - they were sliders, it's just hard to eat solids in the AM. And din din was just what the fam was having, so I did, too.

    My question, I guess, is: Should 1 nugget and 1 tiny bite of burger really fill me up? I was thinking it wasn't enough food to make me feel full. Not that it slid through, but that it didn't quite fill my pouch up enough to make me get that full feeling. If that makes any sense... But maybe it should have been enough?!?!?! See, I told you, head games and crazy. Don't make me up the crazy on Jen and call for a fill!!!

    I made a beef and bulgur casserole for this week, as it's semi-soft, so I am going to measure out a cup for lunch and see how it goes. I'm hoping it's not too sliderish and that I can eat the cup and be full until dinner! Keep you posted!

  5. This to me is the hardest part of being banded. How do you know when it is just right?! I am getting a fill tomorrow and I know I need it, but I am worried I will be too tight.. I can eat about 1.5 cups of food at one sitting usually. Ugh... good luck!

  6. I would do the protein challenge and see what kind of results you get...should tell you if you are at restriction. Have a look here..

  7. If that doesn't work let me know I will email it to you...

  8. I'm at that spot where I can't decide if I'm too tight. It's so f*ing finicky that I (or my band) can't make up it's mind about going in to get a teeny unfill. I'll go a couple days where I am so damn tight that I can basically just get liquids down and then I'll have a day or two where I am fine and can get a decent meal down. It's super frustrating. If you are able to at least get a little food down along with all of your liquids then maybe wait it out a couple days.

    I'm a self pay and I have to pay for my fills so going in to get adjustments really adds up and I always want to make sure that I indeed do need an unfill/fill first :)

  9. This is a really interesting post for me, Amy. Because I don't WANT to eat so little. It makes me kinda scared that eating that little would be the only way I could lose weight with the band. That list just doesn't seem like enough to me. Not to mention, it doesn't seem SATISFYING. And I don't mean in the "full tummy" sense. I mean in the "I feel like I've eaten and enjoyed my food today" sense.

    So, I'll be interested to see what you learn here because frankly, your post scares me a little. I mean, is that normal? I just don't know because from reading alot of bandsters' blogs it seems like people have these types of 'eat nothing' days quite frequently.

    All that said -- you ARE losing weight and that is awesome! Thanks for the thoughts!

  10. I agree that you sound too tight to me. If you are not getting the nutrition that you need you will get hungry. The little food that you had may have physically filled your pouch and made you full, but your if you body is still looking for nutrition it seems to figure that you would be thinking about food all the time.

    Maybe I am mistaken, but I don't see 60-70 grams of protein in your day - or much fiber. Both of those will help you not feel as hungry. You might want to up both of those and see if it helps (in a non-liquid form). If you can't then IMHO you are right and are too tight. I would do the soups or protein drinks (I like high protein slim fast since it balances the taste issue and the protein/carb ratio).

    I hope things get better!!