Saturday, April 3


(HAHA, I wish it were of the fun variety.)

DH is at the store getting me a prescription for Zofran, as DD (2 yo) woke up from her nap puking. Le sigh.

We had a babysitter all lined up for tonight and everything. We rarely, rarely do that.

And the weekend was going so well. We took the kids to the park yesterday, went for an hour walk in our neighborhood when we got home, hung out this morning, took naps, and then BAM!

Bummer. Oh well, at least I have Zofran if I need it.


  1. Awww..I hope she feels better soon!

  2. Yuck! I was wondering what we do if we get a stomach virus. I was on Zofran for a chunk of my pregnanc and it worked wonders.

  3. Oh no. Total le sigh. and an Oy vey from the Jewish contingency here...
    Take that Zofran whenever you need it. Ugh. Hope DD feels much better soon.