Wednesday, April 28

My anaconda don't want none...

...unless you got buns, hon!

And oh, do I have the buns. I still have the buns. I'll always have the buns. But I'm ok with the buns. Anyhow...

I present to you my five-month measurements!

Neck -1"
Bust -4.5"
Waist -5.5"
Lower Belly -7"
Hips -5.5"
Left Arm -.5"
Right Arm -1.5"
Left Thigh -5"
Right Thigh -5.5"
Left Knee -3.5"
Right Knee -6.5"
Left Calf -.5"
Right Calf -3.75"

For a grand total of 50.25" gone... gone... gone... gone!


  1. JESUS! And thank you - I now have that song in my head and can't get it out. That is simply amazaing - ah-ma-zing. So proud!

  2. Wow, that is crazy crazy inches gone!! Congrats...and now I'm at the "you can do side bends and sit ups" part of the song..

  3. That is fantastic!! Go girl! :)

  4. OMG OMG! Amazing... you are just brilliant!!

  5. That is so amazing!! I'm so bummed that I never too my measurements.

  6. That is great!! You are doing so well, you should really be proud.

  7. Amazing! Goes to show that it is not just the number on the scale!

  8. ok first, WTH song is that??? and for two, CONGRATS!!!! Super happy for ya! Keep it up, you are rockin the inches away!

  9. HOLY CRAP!!!! Amy, you are AMAZING!