Thursday, September 30

Orlando Itty Bitties

I officially coined us the Itty Bitties - Maria, Amy, and I. (And Amy's very cool and very hot girlfriend, Heather!)

A last-minute, impromptu get-together at EPCOT was fantastic. Filled with fun, friendship, food, laughter, and port-rubbing, I imagine it was a bit like BOOBS, but just an itty-bitty bit like BOOBS, hence the Itty Bitties. But hey, there's nothing wrong with Itty Bitties, right?

As most of you already know first-hand, Maria and Amy are both vivacious, warm, wonderful women. We're all talkers, so there wasn't a quiet moment the whole time. What most of you don't know first-hand is Amy's girlfriend, Heather, is also quite amazing. She and Amy make a great couple - they definitely complement each other perfectly.

So, without further adieu...the Itty Bitties:

$hit! Is it Thursday already?

So sorry about dropping the ball on TWT! I purposely didn't do one last week between my unfill nightmare and BOOBS. But I admit, I totally dropped the ball this week. Can I blame it on Maria? She called me yesterday and invited me to spend the evening at EPCOT with her, Amy W., and Heather (pic and brag to follow). I had to get my butt in gear in order to get enough done around the house (we leave tomorrow for the wedding) in order to go.

I promise TWT will return next week with a super exciting topic!

Tuesday, September 28

Hard Headed

Why the hell did I think being that tight for that long was good?

I am drinking a protein shake right now. It's going right down. No problems. No sticking, no having to go painfully slow.

I didn't gurgle last night. For the past few months, every time I laid down, my tummy would gurgle, almost as if I would feel air pass between my two tummies. It wasn't painful, just annoying.

I woke up feeling *normal*. You know how you can feel tightness in the AM? No more for me! I wouldn't attempt a T-bone right now, but I don't have that strange tight feeling.

Lesson learned - I have a hard head.

Monday, September 27


In case the title didn't give it away, I got an unfill! 1cc!

I went through Fill Centers USA, and I have to say, so far, I am very impressed. The scheduler was so nice and friendly, and the PA who did my fill was awesome.

The PA got involved in doing fills because his son has a lap-band and was having trouble finding a place to get a fill. So the PA approached the physician he works for about them becoming certified - and here they are. He was so congratulatory on my loss, hit the port on the first try, and made me feel so comfortable. He really listened to what I was going through and where I wanted to be, and we mutually agreed on 1cc.

Of course, I'm supposed to be on liquids for 24-48 hours, but in the interest of making sure enough was taken out before we leave for our trip, I'm going to attempt mushies tomorrow, probably for lunch. But I'm hopeful - water and lattes are going down fine, even big gulps.

Thanks for all your well wishes - I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, but I've survived!

Can we at least pick a date?

I can hardly read your recaps of BOOBS. It is killing me. Just killing me. (Yes, I am having a GIANT pity party!)

When is the next one? Six months? 9 months? Please don't say an entire year! I'll plan the whole damn thing if you all just agree to come...

I'm really not kidding - a date? Who's in charge around here?

And on the subject of BOOBS, Heidi (shrinking mommy) and I are planning to get together in two Sundays - October 10. I have to email her yet, so I'm not sure where or what, but somewhere between Orlando and south Florida. And probably shopping and food? Anyhow, please come if you are in the area...keep you posted with details.

Finally, I am leaving in about 30 min for my unfill. Leaning towards 1.25cc out - that would take me to 10cc, which is where I first started feeling some restriction. I was initially leaning towards more out, but now that I am not swollen anymore, I am hesitant to get that much out. I hate this guessing game!

Sunday, September 26

10 month progress pics

Ok, I'll just say it - I have no shame - I am looking GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

(It's really hard to line up the pics, because my shoulders are so much lower now! Not something I would have ever expected!)

Saturday, September 25

10 month bandiversary

10 months = 122.2 lbs and 109.75" gone. Yes, I am happy!

Here's the update on the unfill situation.

I ended up going to the ER Thursday night. I was feeling very lousy and just wanted it done and over with. I called before I went, and they assured me the surgeon would do a small unfill. I asked the nurse before I checked in and she said he would as well. I asked the doc that saw me first, and he said the same thing.

Three people told me he would only do a small unfill.

I was so dehydrated, they admitted me overnight and when I saw the surgeon in the AM, he insisted on a complete unfill. I refused. I asked him if his office would guarantee they'd take me as a patient, and he said no. Well, then I wasn't risking a complete unfill with no guarantees of a surgeon who'd refill me. I was also exhausted (didn't sleep at all - they had me in a 'observation room' with 10 billion other people and refinishing of the floors going on right outside the open door).

Then they wanted me to sign AMA paperwork (leaving "against medical advice"). Well, I refused that as well (could affect insurance paying for my visit), so they finally found a doctor who released me. Sigh.

I came home and called Heidi's doc. They were willing to see me, but the bariatric coordinator (the person I'd be seeing) wasn't thrilled with how my restriction came on and was a bit concerned about a slipped band (even though I had x-rays a the hospital that showed that it is fine), and I could just tell was a little hesitant about doing a small unfill. I don't blame her at all. She suggested I have my original surgeon call the local surgeon to see if they'd take me as a patient. Well, I couldn't reach anyone at my surgeon's office (Fridays are fill days and are crazy), so after many tears and second-guessing (was really regretting not getting the complete unfill at the ER - even debated going back!), I finally made an appointment for Monday with Fill Centers USA. I really wanted to go see Heidi's doc, but I hadn't slept and the thought of driving 6 hours in that state was more than my exhausted mind and body could handle.

So, I am on clear liquids (self-imposed) until Monday. I did try some coffee with cream last night, and it went down OK, so if we are out and about today, I may try a latte with whole milk from Starbucks. I haven't PB'ed since Tuesday (Wed?).

I guess I just have to be the odd-ball. I was reading on LBT, and there were several cases of people like me - the more they lost, the tighter their band got! One woman had to get an unfill after every 20 lbs lost, until she was basically unfilled when she was at goal, and still had restriction. It wouldn't surprise me if this happened to me. It took me such a BIG amount to get restriction - it just seems like maybe this is the flip side of that.

I hope everyone is having a blast in Chicago! I am totally jealous of everyone having a great time while I am sucking down clear liquids. :)

Thursday, September 23

Update on Unfill

The surgeon won't take me on! No reason given.

I had a total breakdown.Total breakdown. I really need an unfill.

After gathering my composure, I shot a quick email off to Heidi and she called with some help. I also remembered Fill Centers USA.

As of right now, my options are:

1. Go to Heidi's doc. 3 hour drive, but they can see me tomorrow. Pro is tomorrow! Con is I have the kids and no sitter. 6 hours in the car and at the doc's with them.

2. Go to the emergency room and have an unfill. The coordinator from Heidi's office actually suggested it, since they have a bariatric surgeon at that hospital. Pro is I could go tonight. Con is I really, really, really don't want to risk a complete unfill or the ER.

3. Fill Centers USA - there is a surgeon in their network just over an hour from my house. Pro is he can see me Monday. Con is he can't see me until Monday.

I'm leaning towards #3, but the ever-wise (and skinny!) Heidi suggested not making a decision until the AM.

I'm currently finishing up a cup of hot tea, and it is staying down.

The upside of all this? 120.8 lbs lost baby! I know it's dehydration, but I'll take it any way I can get it. After this torture, I deserve to see the number in black and white!

Wednesday, September 22

Mucho better, thankyouverymuch

I'm not pressing the issue, but I have had two huge bottles of water and a venti full-octane (whole milk) latte with no problems whatsoever today. No gurgling, no feeling stuck, going down fine.

I'm still going for a slight unfill when I can, hopefully next week, but I'm not feeling as desperate as I was.

I am going to do true liquids today and ease back into mushies tomorrow, assuming I still feel good.

The upside of this is I'm down 3+ lbs this week for a grand total of 119.2 lbs. Sunday is my 10-month bandiversary, and I won't lie, it'd be nice to be at an even 120 lbs lost by then!

Other than that, I am highly jealous of all this BOOB talk. And BOOB action. Sigh. So sad. But I did a little retail therapy today and bought some gorgeous 3.25" heels to wear to the wedding next weekend. When I was fatter, I never wore heels (for obvious reasons). I am trying them around the house to make sure I can handle them; I sure hope I can - they make my feet look uber-sexy!

All you BOOBS, have fun. And please promise we're going to do this again soon! Someone (Kristen, I think) mentioned a BOOBS cruise. I am ALL OVER THAT. :) Or FL. That would be easy for me! HA!

Tuesday, September 21

Unfill Update

UPDATE: I am having my records faxed over tomorrow. The surgeon will review on Thursday. Assuming he takes me on, they will see me next week. Here's the interesting part...she asked me again how many CCs were in my band. I told her 11.25cc, to which she explained the large lap-band only holds 10cc. Um, not what I've seen online nor told by my original surgeon. Hmmmm, anyhow, fingers crossed he'll take me on. I don't see any reason he wouldn't, but you never know.

I made the calls.

First, I called the potential surgeon. Of course, they want to see my op and post-op reports before they'll take me on, but as I was explaining my situation to the program coordinator, she said she'd check with the surgeon to see if they couldn't get me in before our trip. She also said I could go to the ER, but I am NOT doing that unless I cannot keep liquids down. Water and my protein shake are going down fine this morning, so I'm fine. I just want to be able to eat a bit more than I've been able to.

Second, I called my old surgeon and left a message for the typically-less-than-responsive program coordinator. I'll give her until 2 pm before I try again and/or other people in the office.

And just so no one panics, I can eat. I really can. I had 2 ham and cheese rollups yesterday for lunch. The day before I ate lunch and dinner with no problems. But I'm having more issues than I'd like. Plus, I've just realized that I am tired and draggy a lot, and I think it's lack of food. If I could eat a bit more, I'd have more energy, thus burning more calories. Meaning actually eating more would probably produce a bigger calorie deficit.

Anyhooooo, thanks for all the kind comments...I'll keep you posted!

Monday, September 20

It's time.

I think it's time to admit it's time for an unfill.

I really, really don't want to.

But my last fill was .25 cc on May 5, bringing me to 11.25 cc in a 14 cc band. Since then, over 4.5 months, I've lost 60 lbs, and my band is still mostly uber-tight. In fact, it seems to be getting tighter. I keep thinking if I lose enough weight, it'll loosen up. But if 60 lbs didn't do it, I don't think anything will!

I did liquids for more than a week after that fill. I've been on liquids for a week at a time several times since then. I can't eat anything before 12-1 pm. Some days I can barely even drink in the mornings. And now I'm getting tight again in the evening. I just PB'ed on water. I PB'ed on iced tea last week. I could barely get down some homemade cheddar broccoli soup tonight.

I will call tomorrow. I don't even have a surgeon down here yet (my own procrastinating fault), but I have a few options, including the guy Jacquie and Stephanie see. I'm hoping whoever takes me on will do just a little .25 cc unfill or so. And quickly. I am getting tired of living like this.

I hit the wall tonight - I realized I am often tired, because my diet is so lacking. If I really want to run, and I really do want to run, I have to be able to eat more than I can right now.

I know it's not the end of the world. I just am so scared of getting into that fill-unfill cycle, and being self-pay, that's an expensive cycle to get into! But I can't live like this anymore. So, I am admitting it to you guys, and putting it in writing, so I don't back out tomorrow!

Sunday, September 19

ONLY fat for another year

I was staring at my weight loss spreadsheet, as I often do, when it struck me. At the most (fingers crossed), I'll only be fat for another YEAR! Think about it for a second - I've been fat since, well, probably freshman year of college. So 2010 minus 1993, oh about 17 years.

And to think, I only have one more year of being fat!

It puts this whole weight loss journey into perspective for me. Instead of feeling like it's taking so long, flipping it around like that makes it feel like it's going so much quicker. Only another year! 365 days. That's really not so bad.

Not much else going on. I think we are going to hit a local splash pad this afternoon. It's still in the low 90s here. While I sometimes long for cooler temps, I am also enjoying still being able to use our pool and do things like go to the splash pad. We were actually going to head to the beach today, but stupid hurricanes kinda messed that up. However, the splash pad is closer and the kids will enjoy it just as much, so Plan B ain't so bad.

Also gotta hit the grocery store - we are out of milk, juice, bread, and bananas. Not good when you have two toddlers in the house! And I really should get in my third run for the week yet today. Guess it's going to be a busy one after all, so I guess I should say TOODLES!

Thursday, September 16

Thousand Word Thursday #3

I love me some bling. The faker and bigger it is, the more I love it! Seriously. I am all about big, chunky, almost gaudy. Fine - not even almost, I like it gaudy! I admit it. I went through a phase in my early 20s when I'd only wear the real deal. But these days - I can get a lot more bling for my buck with costume stuff, so that's where my love is!

Plus, jewelry always fits, so no matter how fat I got, I could always find some jewelry to make me feel better!

However, I have a few favs that are not just costume stuff. And here they go, in no particular order:

My wedding ring
I seriously puffy heart my ring. I specifically told DH I did not want a diamond, for a variety of reasons (which I don't want to offend anyone who loves diamonds, so I'll keep mum on the subject). I love turquoise, which DH knew, and this is what he came up with. It couldn't be more perfect for me if I'd picked it out myself.

My first mother's day gift
DH got me this beautiful bracelet for my first mother's day. It has DD's name engraved on one side and mother's day and the year engraved on the other. Last year, he tried to get me a matching charm with DS's name on it, but alas, they changed the design! We've not been able to find another one that matches. Total jewelry sadness. I'll rejoice the day we find another, and I'll also rejoice the day I can wear it without an extender (although honestly, I think it runs small, as I don't need an extender for anything else).

My wedding jewelry
It was blinging Swarvoski crystals - what else can I say???? (PS - the jewelry cost more than my dress...)

Wednesday, September 15

Thousand Word Thursday Topic #3

You know, I feel a lot of pressure to pick the perfect topic every week. One that everyone will enjoy, even though I know that's impossible. One that everyone can participate in, but that's impossible as well. So many ideas, just not sure which direction to go!

So, since I think it's only the girls participating, and since I love jewelry, this week's topic is:

Your favorite piece of jewelry. (And if you are like me, you can post more than one.) And why it's your favorite!

Did you miss me?

I can't believe I haven't posted since Friday. I am not exactly in a slump, but I'm not exactly not in a slump either.

I did start training to start training for the half-marathon. Get that? To start the half training, you need to be able to comfortably run 3-4 miles. So I am training up to that point using a great walk-run method I've used in the past. It's similar to the C25K but ramps up a little more slowly but is also more intense in the time you run. If anyone is interested, let me know. I can send you the PDF with the weeks mapped out. Anyhow, I am going to map my runs on a new page, so check out "13.1".

In other news, my band is being very, very naughty. I ate fine yesterday (protein shake for breakfast, cheese and grapes for lunch, latte and a chocolate for snack, eggs and bacon for dinner) and then promptly PB'ed on some iced tea before bed. WTH? I'm getting tired of this back and forth crap with my naughty band. I think it's linked to being overtired, as I haven't been sleeping well. Sigh. It just seems all interconnected.

What else? I cleaned the entire house yesterday. I love having a clean house. I just hate what it takes to get there! What else? Honestly, not much. Just kinda going through the motions the past few days. Whatever it is, I know I'll snap out soon. A good nap would probably do it, if my two-year old would just take one herself. Sigh. Guess I'll have to have a good cup of coffee and a chocolate instead!

Sunday, September 12

You know what's nice?

Watching football and NOT weighing more than every.single.player on the team.

Friday, September 10

I can't stop touching myself!

This is a serious problem, my friends.

I have wandering fingers.

They keep caressing my newly found collar bones (might not be visible, but they are feel-able), my starting-to-feel-knobby knees, my hip bones (yes, those ones that I had no idea came up to right under your rib cage), and my starting-to-get-some-sharpness shoulders.

My ass bones are starting to ache when I sit for more than 30 min, but fortunately, no itch to caress them. I really am thankful for that one, as this caressing is almost involuntary. That would be awkward to explain. "No, really, I'm not scratching my ass..."

Will be back with a BYOC shortly...

Thursday, September 9

Thousand Word Thursday #2

Well, these are pics of stuff from our old house; we're renting a furnished place right now, so most of my stuff is packed up in the garage, waiting for a more permanent place. Anyhow, I have to share two; I just couldn't decide between the two.

The first is a wall of photos of my kiddos. As you all know, I love photography, and I love my kids. And I love how this display turned out, even if some of the stuff was crooked when I took the shot!

The second is a shadow box I made for DD's nursery. I am huge into family heirlooms, and her whole room had a 'family heirloom/tree' theme. I loved it! This particular shadow box has an outfit that was my mom's when she was a baby, hand-knit by her grandma. Two of the three bibs were my dad's; the third was my mom's.

Wednesday, September 8

Thousand Word Thursday Topic & A New Decade

Hey! Sorry I didn't get this up sooner, but I took the kids to the zoo with friends today. We're tired and exhausted, but we had fun. And thanks to dehydration, or maybe my hard work this week, I'm into a new decade, a decade I've really been looking forward to - the 250s!

I know it's still a big number and what-not, but to me, it's a number that's not so embarrassing to admit to people. It's a number that no longer eliminates me from weight-based activities. It's a number that seems closer to 200 than 300 (even though it's technically not). You know? It's still overweight, but it's normalish-overweight.

Oh, and 115 lbs lost! Oh yeah. I rock.

Now, for the moment you've been waiting for, the new TWT topic:

A decoration in your home that is very meaningful to you - a family heirloom, a gift from your BFF, etc.

Show (with a pic) and tell (describe it) us all about it tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 7

RIGHT NOW - Interesting show on obesity on!

ABC is doing a special on obesity and surgery. Looks to be interesting! It's on RIGHT NOW. Go!

Who me????

Thanks for the nominations, Sam, Stephanie F., and Beth!

1. Post who gave you this award:

See above!

2. State 10 things you like:
  1. Football season, especially the Green Bay Packers
  2. Fresh, sparkling, crisp-white snow (yes, I know, I now live in FL...)
  3. The ocean
  4. My son's baby curls (he has a semi-mullet, but I don't care. I won't cut those curls.)
  5. My daughter's button nose
  6. Coffee with real cream and sugar
  7. Sushi, especially with tuna and avocado
  8. Chocolate in any form
  9. Trashy reality tv, particularly MTV teeny bopper shows
  10. Going commando (I hate underwear, but I do wear it when appropriate.)
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

Pick 10? Just 10 of you? How about everyone? Grab your cupcakes and overshare like I did!

200, spinning, shoulders, ole!

200 followers! You guys, seriously. I love you all! It's so amazing that you guys want to hear what I have to say, that you want to support me, that you care enough to take the time to listen. Thank you!!!! If I'm not following you, do let me know, so I can.

I went to spinning this morning and did the whole class! And my butt doesn't hurt. I'm not sure which part I'm more excited about; heck, both are pretty exciting to me!

My shoulders are being unburied with every pound I lose. I looked in the mirror last night and had to take some pics because I was shocked! In the best possible way.

I couldn't quite capture what I was seeing, but these should give you an idea. They go straight across. No lumps. They are starting to get that little indent right below the shoulder, above the arm pit. They feel smoothly round. It's awesome. Now if I the batwings would shrink a little so my widest spot is my shoulders and not my mid-arm/biceps, that would be really cool.

Monday, September 6

What could you accomplish in 100 days?

In just a few short weeks, it'll be 100 days until the new year. September 24 is 100 days from 1/1/11...

What could you accomplish in those 100 days?

What do you want to do before 1/1/11?

I challenge you to come up with a challenge. We can do a group challenge (I'm happy to coordinate it), individual challenges, whatever trips your trigger. It could be weight-loss related, fitness-related, organizing-our-lives-related.

100 push-ups.

100 items donated.

100 miles run/walked/jogged.

100 lbs lost. Don't I wish!

Can we come up with something good? Put on your thinking cap...I'm ready to hear your ideas!

Royalty that I am, I deserve a TIARA!

I am not sure what the hell is wrong with me. I am sure something is, however, because I am officially, publicly announcing that I, Amy-who-once-weighed-374-lbs, am going to:


Um, wait, what?

Crap. It's out there now. You've already read it. Now I have to do it in order to save face.

Just teasing. The gorgeous (and very thin!) Jenny invited everyone to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February with her. I must have been a bit woozy from lack of protein or something, as I was on that invite like a fat girl on cake.

Actually, I'm very excited about it! My very-thin, marathon-running BFF is also going to do it with us. And maybe Southern Belle Jen (please, please, please!), and ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE READING THIS!

Who wants to join us? You get to wear a tiara! And run all through Disney property! And meet me! I mean, it's like a dream come true. And Disney is where dreams come true, so it's meant to be.

My three goals for this are:

1. Run the whole thing. In other words, no walking, except for water/bathroom breaks.

2. Finish with an average of an 11 min mile, meaning my time would be 2 hours 24 min. I'll give myself a time of 2.5 hours to allow for water/bathroom breaks.

3. Be in ONEDERLAND by the race. It's 25 weeks from this past Saturday. I currently weigh 261.4, meaning I need to lose 61.6 lbs in 25 weeks. That's an average of 2.464 lbs/week. That's a pretty aggressive goal, but the training will hopefully help me do it!

So, there you have it. Off to shop for my tiara! (Actually, we're having a small family party this afternoon. I cooked lots of goodies - tell you all about them later!)

Thursday, September 2

No concept of my size

Is anyone else struggling with this?

Joey convinced me to try on a pair of jeans last night that I was 100000% positive where way, way, way too small. Like, I wasn't going to be able to get them over a thigh.


Up and zipped AND I was breathing.

Granted, they were a bit tighter than I would wear out in public, but nothing a few weeks of weight loss+gym time won't cure.

Oh, and they were size 20 from Old Navy! Yes, I know their stuff runs big, but we're going to forget we know that little nugget of information and just concentrate on the fact that I can wear size 20 pants!

But back to the original topic, I would have sworn they wouldn't fit. I honestly have no concept of what will fit and what won't when I look at clothing anymore. It's such a surreal feeling.

(And with this, I will spare you any more posts for the day...unless I win the lottery or Brett Favre issues me a personal apology for his disloyalty to the Packers and the Packer Nation and me, his one-time biggest fan. Oh, or if DH comes home and makes dinner or does anything besides lay on the couch. Yeah, those would all be blog-worthy.)

A bandster needs followers...

And we all know what that means! It's time to get a-followin'!

Stephanie is waiting a few more weeks for everything to be ready to submit to insurance, and fingers crossed, that means she'll soon join the banditos!

How about some follower love for the lovely Stephanie?

Thousand Word Thursday

Like Camille, I love my smile! I have great teeth (that my wonderful parents paid for braces for twice!), and I think I really shine when I smile. Since we're bragging and all...

Wedding - May 2006

Wednesday, September 1

Not sure there's one title for this doozy.

There's so much to say, I'd do bullets, but it's even too much for bullets, so how about bold headlines?

Working Out with Mick Jagger
Just got back from a great workout at the gym. I really pushed myself, which is ironic, since I really only went this morning to get a break from the kids! I'm having a bit of port pain (I get it every now and again); just feels a bit like a pulled muscle, but I just wasn't in a workout mood.

I did 25 min on the treadmill to start. 10 min warm-up followed by 15 min of alternating 1.5 min run and 1.5 min walk. I decided, while on the treadmill, that since I can't go to BOOBS, I'd do a 5K that day instead while you are all doing the BOOB run/walk.

Then 2 rounds of weight lifting where I upped several of my weights. Ended with a 4.5 min run.

I also got to work out next to this annoying guy (he was on an elliptical) who kept stopping every 30 sec to adjust his shoe. I don't know why but it was driving me fucking. insane. like. no. other.

The woman next to me was working out with a curler in her bangs. Yep, you read that correctly.

And to round out my wacky morning, dude on the weights was Mick Jagger, I swear. Complete with the crazy hair held in place with a white terry cloth headband.

Another goal met & crazy thoughts
I officially weigh less than the lowest point I got to when I last lost weight (early 2007). This means this is the smallest I've probably been since 2003ish? It's the smallest my husband has seen me. It's the smallest my kids have seen me (obviously).

The flip side of this (which I really am happy about being here, I am!) is I am kinda ticked at myself for needing to lose 112 lbs to even get to this point. Sigh. I know there is no changing the past, but damn, 112 lbs gained in 7ish years. And that was with a bunch of dieting in there!

I think what's driven it home is that I am receiving clothes from some very generous bandsters, and I am not saying this to make anyone feel bad for me or tell me how great I am doing (logically, I know I am). But the clothes they are sending me are from when they were their biggest. It didn't bother me much when I was bigger. But now that I've lost 112 lbs and I am STILL bigger than they were to start, I don't know - it's just getting to me. When I was 374 lbs, I would have given anything to weigh just 262 lbs. But now I'm feeling generally dissatisfied here. I guess that's ultimately a good thing, as it'll keep me pushing forward and downward.

I haven't set any goals recently, other than aiming to stay above 2 lbs/week lost. But in trying to get out of this mini-funk over my "112 lbs lost and still fat" attitude, I thought I'd look forward to some milestones. Assuming I lose at 2.4 lbs/week on average (I'm averaging just over that right now), here's some goals I'm going to aim for:

BIL Wedding (10.2) - 254 lbs/120 lbs lost
Thanksgiving/First Bandiversary (11.25) - 235 lbs/139 lbs lost
Christmas/New Year's - 223 lbs/151 lbs lost
My Birthday (1.28) - 213/161 lbs lost

I know I won't likely hit them all, but I like having goals to reach for. It keeps me honest (kinda like weighing myself daily). The first one, BIL's wedding, is probably the 'biggest' for me, as I'd love to be able to answer "120 lbs" when people inevitably ask how much I've lost.

Random Shit
My band is behaving much better. I ate okay last night. Sticking to soup for lunch, but making meatloaf for dinner. Thinking I am back to a pretty sweet spot. Sweet!

My dad is having hip replacement revision surgery as we speak. He's at the Cleveland Clinic with a world leader in hip revisions, so he's in very good hands, but all positive vibes/thoughts/prayers would be greatly appreciated. His body metabolizes pain meds way too efficiently, and he was in incredible pain last time, so he is really dreading the recovery. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this surgery isn't as tough on him and that this doc will be able to find something that makes the pain tolerable.

That's enough for today! Later, gators...can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for Thousand Word Thursday!

1st Thousand Word Thursday Subject

Glad there is so much interest! Here's how it goes:

I'll post a subject on Wednesday, of which you should post a photo that relates on Thursday. Label your post "Thousand Word Thursday" or something to that effect. The photo can be new, old, or somewhere in between. And of course, you are welcome to use actual words to describe your photo! It's that simple!

Without further adieu, our first Thousand Word Thursday subject is:

Let's celebrate our own beauty and how wonderful we all look with a photo of your favorite feature (on your own body and not X-rated, please, Draz!)

Let's get creative and snap happy...have fun!