Wednesday, June 30

Inches and ports and gyms, oh my!

Today is my first official day as a SAHM. So far, we've been to a chaotic and crazy story time; I was hoping to maybe meet another mom or two, but everyone shied far away from the crazy lady who was sweating up a storm and chasing her 14-month all around while he shrieked like a pterodactyl.

DD and I just went for a quick swim while said pterodactyl is sleeping. I think we're going to hit the farmer's market later this afternoon. Ahhh, this is the life!

So, onto my post title...

I measured again the other night, and I've lost a grand total of 80.5"! Here's a quick rundown:

Neck -2.5"
Bust -6"
Waist -9"
Lower Tummy -9.5"
Hips -9"
Thighs -8" right, -9" left
Knees -5.75" right, -7.75" left
Calves -4.75" right, -2" left
Arms -3.5" right, -4" left

There's no delicate way to put this, so I'll just say it: Damn, certain positions are not port-friendly. That was a first!

Where we now live is great except for the fact that there are no gyms in the immediate area with childcare. I'm going to check out two tomorrow or Friday - one is actually at the hospital where I am hoping to become a lapband patient and the other is a YMCA. They are a bit pricey, but I need to start working out, and with DH's crazy hours and two toddlers, a gym with childcare is about my only option. Not to mention, it'll give me a break from my lovely-but-energetic children during the day! Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 26

Four score and seven months ago...

...I was banded. (Okay, it was yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to post this. My house is, however, completely unpacked! GO ME! An entire house in 5 days. I rock.)

In 7 months, I've lost 85+ lbs. I haven't taken measurements in about a month, but I will in the next day or two and post that as well. However, I did do progress pics for your viewing pleasure. (And please, no comments on the crappy photoshop job - I actually used PowerPoint, because PS makes my computer crawl sloooooooowwwww.)

JOEY - recognize the shirt? JEN - recognize the pants? I am wearing about 95% sisterhood clothes at this point. I can't tell you how much you all rock for keeping me clothed!

Wednesday, June 23

I am a Floridian!

We are here. It was quite the trip and a crazy few days, but we are here and settling in. Even with selling 90% of our stuff and renting a furnished place, the unpacking is STILL a nightmare.

I did unpack my scale almost immediately. And then was good and stayed off until today (my official weigh-in day) and am happy to report that I lost 5.6 lbs in the past two weeks, bringing my official total to 85.2 lbs! I am just thrilled. Only a few more pounds and I'll be just obese. YEAH for being obese, right?

Two quick NSVs:

1. No airplane extender. Need I say more? :)
2. I ran into some old friends from HS when I was at my parents, and I wasn't mortified. I know you all understand!

Alright, I wish I had time to write more, but more unpacking calls...I promise to try and check in more later!

Saturday, June 19


Well, the kids and I are at my parents' house, and DH is on his way to FL with our stuffed-to-the-brim UHaul truck. It's all becoming very real!

Leaving my house for the last time was extremely emotional. We bought that house intending for it to be our 'forever' house. While forever didn't quite work out, the house was very good to us, and I hope the next family loves it just as much as we did (and still do).

Being here with the kids is kind of a nightmare! No crib for DS; DD is into everything (destroyed about 20 things of wrapping ribbon yesterday); my 93-year old grandpa lives with my parents; they have three 90+ lb dogs; and so on. It's just constant. Only a few more days...

The good news is I weighed myself on my parents' scale, and it said I was down about 3 lbs. I have no idea how it compares to mine, though, so I won't count it as official until I step on my own scale.

The other good news is my fill seems to be about perfect right now. I can eat a decent amount, nothing is off limits, and I am quite content 90% of the time. I'm pretty happy about that!

Tuesday, June 15


DH packed the scale yesterday! OMG! What was he thinking?!?!?!

I won't be able to record my weekly Wednesday weigh-in (my 'official' one that goes on my spreadsheet). I am seriously jonesing for my daily weigh-in. Twitch. Twitch. TWITCH!

So, the good news is, however, I will have a week of no weighing in. As much as that makes me twitch, it's probably also a good thing for me mentally at this stage of the game. At least, that's what I am telling myself.

With as hard as we are working, there's NO WAY I won't lose this week. No way.

And get this...

We went out with MIL last night to a Japanese steakhouse. I got the seafood udon bowl - full of very hot broth, tons of veggies, udon noodles, scallops, shrimp, fish, and fish cake. I did so good - took it slow and ate a bit of everything, even the noodles. No problems, no stuck, felt good. It was a great bandster meal.

Then we headed to Cold Stone, and I got a kid's chocolate peanut butter. Two bites in and STUCK. I ended up having to pull over on the way home and PB out the side of the car. Poor DH. But poor me - WTF? Shrimp and scallops are fine, but ice cream makes me PB?!?!?!

And I know it was only the ice cream, because that's all that came up (along with tons of mucus). One easy PB and I was fine. Sigh. Fortunately, it didn't irritate me since it was a relatively painless one and I am doing fine today. But it's weird. It's almost like mushies are more of a problem for me than real food is. But I am not giving up on ice cream yet!

Sunday, June 13

It's a party!

Wanna join me as I celebrate the fact that I finally hit 80 lbs lost!?!?!?!

I can't even quite wrap my head around the fact that in the last 7 months, I've lost 80 lbs. That's just incredible. My BMI is down more than 10 points since I started, I've lost 2-3 pants sizes, and I feel about 100x better.

Linda sent me a wonderful package of clothes, including three size 24 capris. They are still a tad tight in the thighs and calves (of all places - weird for me!), but it won't be long until they fit. Oh, and they are women's petites, so I am thinking I could wear a regular women's, since at 5'10", I'm far from petite!

She also sent me an 18/20 sundress from Lane Bryant, and other than my hippy hips looking a little hippy in it, IT FITS! And fits well! I think it's cut a bit generous, but I don't care. IT FITS! In fact, I think I'm wearing it out to dinner tomorrow night with DH and MIL.

Tomorrow starts the marathon packing week. If you don't hear from me for a few days, it's because I'm in jail for strangling DH for annoying me. He's not the most, well, um, let's say not the biggest go-getter I've ever met. His typical idea of helping is standing there watching me. Someone promise me you'll bail me out if need be?

Thursday, June 10

Incoherent babbling

Really and truly, my mind is on overload. Finish working, pack house, new utilities, address change, doc appts, new insurance, bank accounts, two toddlers...


Let's see - I think it's a good bullet point day:
  • My swollen-ness has relaxed, thank goodness! I was able to eat some Hamburger Helper for dinner last night. I didn't overdo it, just because I was terrified of PB'ing again and starting back at square 1. But I am feeling better today as well. Water is going down smoothly, so I am going to go forth gingerly, but I think I am good to go.
  • I called my surgeon yesterday about a slight unfill and have yet to hear back. Yes, they officially suck. But since I magically loosened yesterday, I don't need one anyhow!
  • I found two surgeons in FL who'll take me on as a patient! One is about an hour away - $200 per fill. The other is about 10 min away - still waiting to hear from their self-pay manager about pricing. Either way, though, I am thrilled that I will definitely have a local surgeon. Maybe even a support group. Maybe even people who return phone calls in a timely manner! Imagine that!
  • I officially have less than two days of work left!
  • The scale is up almost 2 lbs from my lowest. I haven't eaten enough to account for that, so I was either dehydrated when I got my lowest reading, or TOM is around the corner (I have Mirena, so I'm not exactly regular anymore). Either way, you know what? I don't care. I know it'll come off, and I don't stress it. It's such a freeing feeling! Smooches to my band!
  • One week from today, I will be leaving my house for good. It'll be bittersweet - we bought this house with the intention of it being our "forever" house; we brought both our babies home to this house; we love our house. However, it's also been a bit of a drag - the mortgage is more than we can manage on one salary and it was built in 1950, so things are slowly starting to go. Overall, this move is good for us for so many reasons, but I will miss my house.
  • I have on a pair of 26 capris from Avenue that I believe Jen sent me. They are kind of a sage green. Anyhow, they are a slimmer cut, and I couldn't even get them over my thighs when they arrived a month or so ago. They fit perfect today! WOOHOO!
  • And finally, for my best NSV so far. One of my coworkers shared this with me yesterday. Apparently, earlier in the week, we'd both been down in the lobby. I was standing in the "employee only" area, and she leaned over and whispered to the receptionist, "Who is that over there?" She totally didn't recognize me and thought I was a volunteer who'd wandered into the wrong area! OMG! She said I don't even look like the same person! That is awesome!

Toodles - back to pretending to work for two more days!

Tuesday, June 8

An ode to my band

You know, I don't think I've been kind enough to my band.

I haven't given her the credit she deserves.

In fact, I've done a lot of complaining about her - being too tight, too loose, not doing her job, expecting more of me than I wanted her to and so on.

But if I take the emotion of losing weight out of it, and just look at the cold, hard facts, I think my band has been working overtime with very little praise from me.

She's helped me lose nearly 80 lbs in just over 6 months.

She's done it while dimming my hunger.

She's not required me to focus on her 24/7.

She's practically gotten rid of my cravings.

All the while, she's allowed me to still enjoy my favorite foods: chocolate, cheese, coffee, sushi.

Oh, how I love my band!

I've been doing some thinking lately about how I still don't feel like I am at my sweet spot and am tired of feeling hungry all the time. Then I took a step back and looked at what I ate yesterday: McD's frappe, half cup of lentil soup, cup of tomato soup, and half of a homemade cappucino (milk, no sugar). I'm still pretty tight from my PB on Saturday. Anyhow, um, yeah, that's not much food. And while I was hungry, it was "annoying and I know I could eat and I kinda wanna eat, but I am not ready to gnaw my arm off" type of hunger. It was livable.

I think I need to work on the head part of this and realize that I may have to deal with some hunger. It's NOT the same hunger as pre-band. I guess I finally just realized this. It's a livable, kind of annoying but not overpowering kind of hunger.

And I really think I am too tight. I can't remember the last time I ate 1 cup of food in one sitting. So I don't think it's fair to blame my band for my hunger. I think the reality is I am not eating enough to be full, sweet spot or not. However, I am going to have to deal with it for a few more weeks until I can find a new surgeon in FL. I am okay with it - I can still eat, just not much.

Finally, work planned my going away party at a sushi restaurant for lunch on Thursday. I am kinda stressing it - they don't know about my band. I am still tight from that dumb PB. I am thinking I can probably do some soup and a sashimi. Other ideas?

O/T: Tornadoes

If you are the praying/good thoughts/positive energy kind of person, please send them my way. My community was devastated by tornadoes Saturday night. One was an F2, the other was an F4 (which is equivalent to an category 5 hurricane). Five people were killed, two local communities were devastated, and it is just so heartbreaking. A local high school was destroyed, which postponed graduation that was supposed to happen Sunday afternoon. The valedictorian's father was killed by the tornado. Another woman was running from her car to the police station to take cover with her long-time boyfriend and 4-year old son. Their house didn't have a basement, and they were to go to the police station for cover. The tornado hit as they were running and literally, she was sucked away. The boyfriend and son survived, but she did not. Half of the police station was demolished.

These are small farming communities that have already been devastated by the economy, especially given our proximity (and reliance on) the auto industry in Detroit. Add $100 million of damage and loss of life, and it's a horrible situation.

About 10 miles from my house (click on the pics to see the whole thing)

What used to be the police station - note the police car upside down in the tree

Tornado path through a field - note the giant tower for perspective on the storm's size
What was the high school where graduation was supposed to be on Sunday

Monday, June 7

Blogger can bite me

It hasn't worked all day for me, and now I need to go to bed.

Sunday, June 6


I'm pissed at myself. I've done so well for about three weeks with no stuck or PB episodes. And then last night, I was chatting with my friend while eating, and BAM! stuck on chicken. I ended up PB'ing 3x, and now I am as tight as tight can be. Like water is going down slowly tight.

When will I learn?

The scale has been WAY down this weekend. I guess that's what happens when you eat like a good little bandster and are on your feet for two solid days. I am exhausted, but it'll all be worth it. Only a few more weeks.

Off to get DD to bed...

Friday, June 4

Friday Fun

If you are reading this, please give yourself a pat on the back and accept THANKS for being so awesome. Your comments on my post yesterday brought me to tears. I still can't believe that I am losing the weight. It's like a dream! But if it is only a dream, please don't wake me up.

The rest of my life, however, is a nightmare. O. M. G. I am beyond overwhelmed. The only saving grace is this will all be over in two weeks.

Oh, and I've already made $2,000 on my moving sale! ROCK ON! Speaking of, my friends and mom are at my house running the sale while I'm at work. Yes, I have the world's best friends and family. I had my exit interview with HR this morning - one week to go.

In the mean time, my house is a complete disaster area. There is so much stuff for the garage sale that we haven't even put it all out yet! It's insane. I guess my semi-hoarding over the past few years is going to pay us back at least a little. wink, wink

Well, kiddos, I really must run, as I am feeling guilty at my nice, sane, quiet desk while those at my house are dealing with a whirlwind! Toodles!

Thursday, June 3

The view

The view from where I am standing is beautiful.

It's full of butts that fit in airplane seats, thighs that don't rub together, ankles that don't swell...

It's also full of rings that are too big, skin that is bright and clear, and a weight that starts with a 2.

That's right, my friends, my flight arrived in




Can you believe it? And not only am I in Twonesia, I have also lost exactly 75 lbs!


It came about a bit quicker than I anticipated, because I didn't eat much yesterday. Not on purpose, but the stress of finishing up a job, two still kind of sick and whiney kids, one still kind of constipated kid, prepping for a massive garage sale, and trying to move my family half way across (or down) the country is really getting to me. I realized at 9:30 pm last night that I had eaten a latte, about 4 bites of lasagna, and a small scoop of ice cream all day. I had some hot cocoa to round out my day. I would have loved some food, but I can't eat that close to bedtime or I get heartburn.

But I am here, and that's all that matters! I know I owe you guys a vlog, and I promise to try and do it over my lunch hour. I have a friend from Chicago arriving tonight for the weekend. Another friend is coming in tonight just for the garage sale tomorrow. My mom is also coming tonight to watch the kids tomorrow, while my friends run the garage sale and I work (yes, I have to work since I already missed 1.5 days this week with sick kids). Yes, my life is out of control. Stress is not good, but it is good for weight loss! LOL

Tuesday, June 1

The skinny on my goal weight

Now that I actually believe I can lose weight once and for all, I have been giving some serious thought to what my goal weight actually is. The one on my ticker is to be a normal BMI - 24.8, which puts me at 173 lbs at 5'10".

But is that actually my goal?

I really have no idea.

I graduated high school around 176 lbs and wore size 8/10. I was convinced I was huge.

The last time I was below 200 was in 1999 or maybe 2000. I was 191 lbs and wore a size 12, sometimes size 14. I still thought I was huge.

Now, it's many years, two kids (including one c/s), and hundreds of pounds later.

Maybe 173 lbs really is doable. And maybe it's not.

Here's what I know for sure, as of right now:
  • I definitely want to be below 200 lbs.
  • I want to be able to shop anywhere, even if their sizing runs small, I am okay wearing a size 18.
  • I want to be able to maintain my weight while still enjoying holidays, meals out, and my favorite foods, in moderation of course.
  • I want exercise to be a part of my life, but I don't want it to be something I have to do 2 hours per day to maintain my weight loss.

I fully admit I have no idea what I am going to feel like when I lose 100 lbs more and start to seriously think about my goal. But as of right now, the four bullet points above are what I am using to define my goal weight. I'm guessing that'll put me around 185 lbs. We'll see if I'm right or not in about 18 months. :)

I also fully realize that I don't have to define a goal weight now (or ever). But I am a very goal-oriented person, and even if I don't hit my goals, I like having something to work towards, especially when within a given timeframe.

And btw, I hit a "mini-plateau" and was at 70.6 lbs lost for a week. I just started dropping again the last two days and am down 72 lbs. 302.4 lbs - look out Twonesia, my passport is ready!


Hi, blogger friends.

Crazy busy, which is going to be the case for the next month or so. Add to it two sick kids whom I'm home with today, and life is wonderful. Sigh.

But the good news is we got a house in FL (company is renting for us for a year) - it has a pool (lawn/pool care included!) and a guest suite, and we're only about 9 miles from Disney, so come on down! We're taking possession on 6/20, so the kids and I (and my mom) will be flying down 6/21 or 6/22. We have so much to do between now and then, it kind of makes my head hurt. But it will get done, right?


Family Room

Guest suite just waiting for some friends!