Thursday, April 8

Monthly weight loss totals (For Gen & EYE OPENING!)

Wow. I know Gen asked about people's monthly weight losses. Mine are a total eye-opener. Had I not fucked around for basically two months, imagine where I'd be. Oh well, lessons learned!

  • 11/11/09 - Start (surgery was 11/25/09)
  • 12/9/09 - 31 lbs lost
  • 1/13/10 - 4.6 lbs lost
  • 2/10/10 - 2.8 lbs lost
  • 3/10/10 - 6.2 lbs GAINED
  • 4/8/10 - 10 lbs lost (net 3.8 lbs lost)
  • Total lost - 42.2 lbs

Can you tell I hit the wall after my fill in February didn't do anything? HA!


  1. Hi Amy! - I love the new layout!
    I should do this too..don't feel bad - I effed around for 6 months! Im a slow learner I guess. Mine was also because of fills not helping, but still. 42 lbs. is great - you'll never see it again...(slow and steady...yada yada. :)

  2. Hi Amy! I love the new layout!
    I need to do this to make everyone feel better, I effed around for 6 months. Yes, I'm a slow learner. Well, it was because the fills weren't working but still.

  3. Whoops...sorry for the double. (now triple!) I'm an attention whore I guess! lol

  4. Thanks Amy! It does help to see how other people are doing in a big-picture sort of way. Your fill must be doing the mob now!

    Love the layout too.

  5. February Schmebruary! Over and done - you're moving on and moving down! You go girl.