Friday, August 3

I'm surviving!

So, a quick update. My surgery was at 9:30 am and I was released to go home at 2 pm. Not too shabby! Still haven't had any pain meds, not even immediately after surgery in recovery. I honestly think it's helping me feel better, as pain meds just do a number on how I feel - very groggy, light-headed, tired, nauseated.

Ironically, one of my nurses has been banded for two years. She had a slip fixed about 6 months ago, and really wanted to revise to sleeve, but her insurance wouldn't cover it on a first slip. So now she's hoping for another slip so she can revise! Her daughter had the sleeve done three months ago and lost 80 lbs and is at goal. HOLY MOSES. I hope this will be me!

My band had pulled the fundus of my stomach (left part) through my diaphragm. I also had a fair amount of scar tissue that he removed. We're still looking at close to 4 months for revision, so maybe I can do it on or around what would have been my three-year bandiversary at the end of November.

One last thing - if anyone reading this is looking for a surgeon in the Orlando/Melbourne/Space Coast area, Dr. Domkowski at Riverside Surgical is amazing. The most caring surgeon I've ever met. Hands down. He is just so wonderful.

And the staff at Sebastian Medical Center blew me away. The anesthesiolgist was even nice and caring, which has never been my experience, and I have had five surgeries. Every single person touched my shoulder, assured me I'd be fine, and kept asking what they could get for me. Their care was top notch.


I'm out and doing fine. No pain meds at all! Mainly bc they make me sick. Lol more later...

Thursday, August 2

Tomorrow I become the bandless babbler

Just a quick note that my surgery is on for tomorrow (Fri) at 9 am EDT. I'll let you guys know when I am on the other side and band-free. Please cross your fingers and toes that the damage is minimal!