Friday, April 16

Oh yeah, guess who rocks?

You got it - ME!

50 lbs gone! Oh, and they took another .2 lbs with them as well. Thanks kindly, gone lbs!

My band is loosening up a bit. I was able to eat three medium-sized chicken fingers yesterday afternoon. I took it slow, but it went down. And the bummer is I didn't feel full. I am not sure why, but it's not quite working for me the way it is intended. I'll work through it and I'm not giving up, but if it worked sooner than later, I'd be appreciative!

I'll try with a more solid protein today (it's all I had in the house yesterday and both kids were napping), but if anyone has any suggestions as to how to achieve some fullness, I am all ears!

We spent the morning at the local children's science museum with our neighbors, celebrating my son's first birthday. I can't believe he is ONE! I'm off today as well to prep for his party tomorrow. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, making his first year video, and all that fun.

I best get my butt in gear and not waste the day away...hope everyone has a lovely Friday!


  1. Congratulations!!
    As far as feeling full....I find that when I eat real solid foods (Steak) I stay full for a LONG time. I have to take tiny bites, and chew well (also order it Medium) but it's SO worth it!

    Have a great day with the family. :)
    Are you going to make it to Chicago? Say yes, say yes!!! :) Oh, and my DH is getting me that lens for my B-day in May!

  2. 50lbs! Yayayayayayaya!! I'm so happy for you!!

    Happy Birthday to your son!

    Yay for getting some real food down. I'm trying to think of what makes me really food. Tuna and chicken salad do, they don't seem to be a slider food for me. Steak makes me super full too, just make sure it's on the tender side.

  3. YES>>> you do rock.. that is awesome.. I have nibbled on those baby bell light cheese pieces. and that seems to hold me over pretty good until next meal time. I have also packed some Perdue already cooked chicken strips that I will have for the protein and in between meal snack.. good luck and great job

  4. You rock! 50 lbs is a lot of weight! I bet you are starting to feel like a whole new person, or atleast less of a person! :)

  5. Chew chew chew and eat you haven't heard the before. Oh yeah, I think the protein thing first works!

    Great job! I am dreaming of 50 and damn ONEDERLAND!

  6. Happy birthday to your son. I'm glad your band is loosening up a bit. I hope you manage to get some fullness.

  7. 50LBS! :0) That's awesome!!

    We're having our son's birthday party tomorrow too! He's turning the big 4 he knows it's coming and he's superduper pumped up for it! Have a great day!!

  8. Congrats on the 50 pounds!!!!

  9. ARe you coming to Chi-town with us? Wahoo on the 50lbs - you are a ROCK STAR!