Tuesday, April 27

Learning to live with the band

First, thanks for all the kind comments on my progress pictures! My head is a bit swollen from all the comments. And yes, I did take before measurements, and I will take another set in a day or two when I have a free moment.

What I want to discuss today is this whole learning to live with the band business. Boy oh boy, this is a bit tougher than I imagined it would be. Here's some of the random babbles rumbling around in my head:
  • I did NOT think I was an emotional eater until I was stressed one day and realized I couldn't even eat to relieve the stress. What a wake-up call that was! It sucks, to be to totally honest, but I am working through it.
  • I have not yet learned that I truly get full after a small amount of food. I ordered a bowl of soup and an appetizer when we went out for brunch the other day. I never even touched the appetizer; I couldn't after eating the soup. I get SOOOOOOOO hungry that I can't fathom that I will get full after a small amount, and then I do, and then I waste food, which means wasting money, which drives me insane.
  • My band VERY CLEARLY tells me when to stop, but I don't like to listen. I am working on listening, because I hate that uncomfortable feeling even more than I hate stopping eating before I want to.
  • Figuring out your sweet spot ain't so sweet. I still haven't decided if I need a fill next week or not. Hopefully the PA will call today so I don't have to break out a can of whoop ass on her for not returning my call for an entire week.
  • All the 'diet' rules I lived by for sooooo long are out the window. Out is dry salad and dry veggies and plain lean protein. In is protein with sauce (preferably with some type of fat in it), veggies with a light sauce on them, and fat/cal dense foods. I ate at a banquet last night - I had some green bean casserole and a piece of lightly floured and fried chicken with a gravy-ish sauce on it (I think it might have been chicken piccata, or their version thereof). I even added a bit of butter to help it go down OK and to ensure I got enough calories and hunger-satisfying fat. It's playing games with my mind to be focused on getting ENOUGH calories rather than limiting my calories.
  • I am not craving junk like I thought I would be, so that's a good thing. I do still love chocolate, but even ice cream can be a bit rough going down, so it's almost not even worth the struggle. I fantasize about getting fast food, and then I realize that A. It probably won't go down anyhow, and B. There's nothing I really want.
  • I really do not snack. I guess I really never was a snacker, shockingly enough. I was, and still try to be, a big meal eater. I am working on adding a snack or two here and there to keep my hunger from rearing its ugly head like a monster when I least expect it.

So, there you have it. I am definitely a work in progress with this whole thing! Five months in, and it is v-e-r-y slowly becoming a way of life. VERY slowly. DH and I hit Panera before he left town yesterday, and I managed to ONLY order a bowl of soup. One small victory for me! I've only one other time managed to not over-order while eating out.

I was sure I'd have perfect restriction by now, and have this whole thing down with no problems! Patience never was my strong suit.


  1. Thank you for posting this, I could have written it myself. Having patience is definitely not my strong suit either. I know it will all eventually click with us!! You are doing fabulously!!
    **Side note** I am still working on sending out the clothes to you!!! I was a slacker this weekend!!! They will be on their way to you by this weekend.

  2. You are doing great! I was so upset with all the waiting to get my band, but in hind sight, I realize that I have learned so much from reading all of these blogs that the transition was not as hard as I imagined. I was prepared because of you all. So, thanks.

  3. Great post!
    Amazing what it does to our mind!
    Keep on rocking!

  4. Wow, we really are in about the exact same place in terms of what's going on with our bands. Thanks for writing it all -- nice to know I'm not the only one!

  5. I am not a "snacker" either :) But when I eat I EAT!!!! :) Hopefully when I get the band (August :))I'll figure out I don;t really have to eat so much ever meal! I am really looking forward to THAT!!! Great post!!!!!!

  6. We are so alike in some of our band struggles! I am constantly ordering too much food when we go out and then I'm not able to eat it. It's so uncomfortable when the waitstaff thinks you don't like the food. LOL.

    I fantasize about fast food too. Like, almost everyday when I'm driving home. It's crazy because I don't think I really want it, it's just that it used to be such a huge habit of mine. It's hard to get those thoughts out of my head!

  7. I can't wait to join the BAND - wagon!

    I have learned a lot from all the bloggers. Great post Amy.
    I hope i am like you, I hope i don't crave the junk food & fast food.

  8. I am not a snacker, but I am hoping that the band helps me deal with the portion issue. Your pictures look great!

  9. Wow Amy...I can so relate to so much of this....I want to binge but nothing satisfies me the same way...have PB'ed on ice cream...not worth it. By the way you look fantastic in your progress shots...congrats on such good results

  10. Ditto, ditto, ditto...learning to eat/live again truly has been eye opening since I got banded four months ago!