Friday, April 9

Living tight.

Still pretty darn tight. I had some roasted red pepper with tomato soup last night with a piece of cheese melted in it, and even that threatened to come back up on me. Total liquids are going down fine, though, so I am going to tough it out. I'm just too scared (and stubborn) to get any taken out - I don't want to lose the chance at restriction!

New low this morning - 331.8. I've been in the 330s since 12/2/09, which is more than 4 months now, so I will be shouting from the rooftops when I finally hit the 320s. Hopefully this weekend.

I have a good friend coming to visit this weekend, and she wants to hit our favorite Mediterranean restaurant while she's in town. I don't mind telling her about the band, as we've struggled with our weight together for years, which is a good thing, because unless this suddenly loosens up, I'll be sticking with crushed lentil soup for dinner while we are there!

I'm uber-cranky this morning. Someone stole my cheese out of the work fridge. It ticked me off, as it happens all the time, and I really wanted that cheese this morning. What did I do about it, you might be asking yourself? Left a giant, nasty note taped to the front of the fridge; it might have included the phrase, "Stealing is NOT the G*rl Scout way, so grow up." (I work for the G*rl Scouts.) Yep, I did. And it made me feel better.

And on that note, I'm headed home for lunch! More soup is on the menu, I guess.


  1. I just got a fill on tuesday and also feel a bit to tight. I am having some random heart burn that comes and goes but I can eat some solids. i get full on half a cup of food.. but this morning I finally gave in and called the surgeons office. I got scared with the heart burn and do not want to take any chances. They just told me to call in monday if the heart burn has not gone away.. Hope it loosens a little on its own for the both of us...

  2. Love the note! I would have been WAY nastier, but your subtlety is very biting! Good work!

  3. Cheese stealers suck! On my honor, I will try to obey and live by the Girl Scout law .............

  4. Why would someone steal your cheese? That is SO not the GS WAY!