Wednesday, March 31

A new low

And we all know lows are actually good when you are talking weight loss!

333.8 lbs

YEAH! That means I officially lost 2 lbs this week, bringing my grand total to 40.6 lbs lost. And 13 lbs since my fill 3 weeks ago, when I finally decided that I was going to have to do my part to lose some weight until I find that elusive creature called restriction. Which I am starting to think is just a mythical creature. Or maybe an urban legend. Or some pie-in-the-sky concept some jerk dreamed up in order to get me to convince my parents to fork over $11,000.

Anyhoo, I digress.

It's been a long couple of weeks, but my next (and fifth) fill is next Tuesday. YEAH!

A few random notes:
  • Thank you ALL for your support! It's so nice to hear how well you think I am doing when some days I barely feel like I am keeping it together. Smooches to all of you!
  • Cara - I didn't mean to make you think I'd been doing this single-parent thing for 42+ days straight. I meant 5 nights/week x 8.5 weeks, and that's where I got the 42 from. If I had done this straight through, I'd be in the looney bin. Seriously.
  • We went for a walk last night; it's getting easier and easier. I still huff and puff and sweat, but it's not painful.
  • I made some yummy crab cakes last night for dinner. I even took pictures! I'll email it to Jen so she can put it on her new blog.

And now, for my PSA of the day:

I was really tired by the time I got the kids to bed last night. The house had just been cleaned, though, and I want to keep it that way for at least a few days. When I came downstairs from putting them to bed, I just didn't want to do anything. But I convinced myself to spend just 15 min tidying up. I'd just get done what I could in 15 min, and whatever didn't get done could wait until today.

I set the timer for 15 min.

I went through the mail, finished cleaning up the kitchen, cleaned up approx. 753 toys, washed bottles, refilled sippies, and put away shoes and coats. I looked at the timer and I had EIGHT minutes left.

All that took me 7 min!

I decided to tackle the clean dishwasher, figuring it'd take me the remaining 8 min. I unloaded it, not going especially quick, because I didn't really have anything else that needed done. After the last dish was put away, I looked at the timer.

It read 5:02.

It took me less than 3 min to empty the dishwasher.

I used to do this 15 min thing all the time, but I had gotten away from it. Last night was a good reminder of how much I can get done in 15 min when I really focus.

I'm sure there's some tie-in to weight loss with this one, but I'm not feeling like analyzing it right now. Maybe later!


  1. Awesome losses! 13 pounds in 3 weeks is amazing. The 15 minute thing is a good one! I need to start doing that again, thanks for the PSA.

  2. Ditto on what Gen said! You are doing awesome!!!

  3. Way to go on the loss, that is great!
    I do the timer thing...a bit differently but it works for me to schedule pretty much everything. I've gotten away from that with only working one day a week right now. Thanks for the reminder! I need to structure my day a bit better!
    40+ lb. loss is fantastic!

  4. wow 13lbs is super duper good, thats almost 5lbs/week! Whenever you get discouraged just look at the number, and realize how well your doing!

  5. I've done the timer thing before too..and I use it to let my son know it's almost time for bed..maybe to much because when I'm pre-heating the boy will come over to me and ask if it's almost time for bed ;)

  6. I didn't realize how close in weight we are. We need to come up with a term for under 300lbs like the those who get under 200lbs get Onederland. We need soemthing cool. LOL.

    13lbs in 3 weeks is AWESOME! Good for you.

    I need to employ that 15 minute cleaning thing, sounds like a neat trick.

  7. So happy for you - you are doing great! I love the 15 minute thing :)

  8. A 13 pound loss in three weeks is inspiring! Great job. I was wondering, is it normal to have had 4 fills in 4 months post banding? Or is that unusual? I was just wondering.

  9. Sherry, my fills were at 6 weeks post-op, then two weeks later, then they'll only let you go every 4 weeks. So, I had one at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, and now I'll have one at 20 weeks. It's a bit slower than lots of other people who's surgeons will let them come every two weeks until restriction, but quicker than others. It's really just depends on your surgeon.

    Leslie, weight sisters! YEAH! I've heard twoterville for below 300, but I think it's kinda silly. We'll have to put on our thinking caps...maybe that'll burn off a pound or two. :)

  10. 40.6 lbs.!!! That is incredible. You are doing so well. Good job keeping it together even without good restriction. I love the 15 minute tool. I usually convince myself to clean for one hour. My house must be a lot messier than your's.

  11. {in the voice of Grover} YAAAAAAAAYYYY!!

    Do you read the Fly Lady? She is all about the 15 minute rule.

  12. Twoterville sounds like a cross between a tator tot and who ville from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. LOL. I don't know if I like that one.

    Yay for having a weight sister!!

  13. Way to go! I envy you....I can't wait to get a fill and drop some pounds FINALLY!!!!

  14. Congrats on 40 pounds! That's awesome!

  15. Wow that's fantastic!!! Congrats! I really like the 15 min idea - I've never done it - maybe I'll start. Is it the same thing as those 15 mins before someone shows up at your house? I'm always amazed at how fast I can clean then! LOL

  16. Awesome loss! I love the 15 minute thing, I do 30 minutes on days when I really don't want to clean the house. Do 30 minutes and then you can read a chapter in your book. You can get alot done in a short time frame if you are motivated and focused!

  17. How about Twotasticville? Congrats on the great weight loss.

  18. Congrats on the loss! That's really great!

    I keep meaning to do the 15 min thing (flylady, right?) but I always forget. I've just spent 3 days cleaning up my out of control house for an inspection and I'm going to do my best to keep it nice with the 15 minute clean up from now on! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  19. Hard yards doing the weekdays by yourself. I hope it all works out soon. Congrats on the new low and your power housework...great idea

  20. awesome on the 13 pounds. sounds like you may be hitting restriction. keep it up. you are still ahead of the average...if the lap-band average is 8 pounds a month you are almost a month ahead of schedule!