Monday, April 5

Another quickie (you'd think I was getting lucky or something!)

Long day at a satellite office today, so this is going to be quick.

Tomorrow is fill #5. Very much hoping (and praying!!!) this brings me to restriction.

DD is better. I never got sick. I'm not convinced she had a bug, since she only hoorked twice.

I told a coworker from the satellite office about being banded today! She was telling me about her son-in-law and how he had WLS the day before was like a sign for me to tell her, since it was the same day as my surgery. She was very gracious and supportive, and I trust it'll remain between us. BTW, her SIL has already lost 120 lbs, although I think he had the vertical sleeve done (she wasn't quite sure) and started at over 600 lbs (he's 6'8"), but he's still done amazing! She said he just is never hungry any more and could care less about food...Go him!

Finally, I came home to a package from Kinzie today, stuffed full with FOUR gorgeous tops! Thanks again - I love the sisterhood. I'll have some stuff in a few weeks, so if you started out larger like me (28-ish), keep watching!

I have no idea why I just did this, but I just ate TWO Cadbury Creme Eggs. Ugh. I will say it's the first non-protein snacking I've done in four weeks. And the first Easter candy I've had. I am overtired and being stupid. And on that note, I am sending myself to bed...but not before I ask you to wish me luck tomorrow...


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I'm sending out a rather large package full of stuff for you tomorrow!

  2. Good luck tomorrow, here is wishing you good restriction!

  3. Hope your fill goes well. If I counted how many times I ate when I was tired, I'd be a millionaire. Tomorrow is a new day.

  4. Good luck! I just had a small (1/2 cc) unfill. I was tossing my guts up every day for about 12 days. NOT FUN.

  5. Hey, 2 eggs aren't too bad. At least it wasn't three or more!

    Good luck with everything, hey. Thinking of you. xx

  6. Good luck tomorrow! Hope it goes well!

  7. Good luck on your fill! Here's to restriction!! :-)