Friday, April 23

Do you know who rocks?


She talked me down from the ledge. And did it so sweetly and so encouragingly and even convinced me I'm not broken!

As she said in the comments on my last post, her official diagnosis is that I am still making up for lost time (while I was too tight for 10ish days) coupled with TOM and multiplied by a slight flare up of acid reflux. She suggested whole proteins, milk, and a little patience as the cure.

I have to tell you guys - she is as sweet on the phone as she is on her blog. And even though everyone tried to tell me in writing that it'd work, hearing her actually say it over the phone was a whole other level of reassurance. Although then she went on to tell me she had to convince herself to eat lunch today. WHAT? I still like her, though.

In fact, Draz might have some competition for the BFF position. Hee hee - just teasing, although seriously, Jen, thank you so much! My faith in the band (and myself!) has been renewed, thanks to you.


  1. OH NO - you can't have her. I'll fight you for her! HA! See? I knew someone would help and I'm not surprised it was my Jenny! *MY* Jenny - key word there. LMAO

  2. Aww..thank you! (And you're welcome.)

  3. That's so sweet. Jen is pretty awesome :)

  4. Glad to hear it. Keep YOUR phone ready because I have a feeling I may need some wise words in the near future myself...

  5. Yay Jen!!!! In fact, the Jen from NYC talked me off my ledge today too... GO JEN(s)!!!

  6. I'm not surprised - Jen does indeed rock. In fact, all the Jens in blogland ROCK. Must be something about the name that makes you all so comforting, nurturing, encouraging and supportive!

    Glad you're feeling better, Amy.