Friday, April 23

Too tight? Too loose? Too crazy?

I seriously have no idea what to think about my restriction and hunger and all that jazz.

Quick recap - 11cc in 14cc band. Last fill of 1cc was too tight for 10 days (liquids only) and now I can eat, but still have no relief from hunger.

Here's what I ate yesterday:

B: fruit n yogurt parfait from McD's
S: throughout the AM - small iced coffee and 48 oz. water
L: 3 steak-ums with peppers and onions (almost exactly 1 c. of food)
S: 10 cashews, 2 pieces of cheese
D: 3 med. chicken fingers
S: homemade hot cocoa (whole milk, cocoa, sugar, vanilla)

Another 50 oz. of water throughout the day.

I have to take my time while eating, but I never feel full. I am constantly thinking about food - not like, "Mmmm, that sounds good" but like "My tummy is growling and my mouth is watering, and my tummy feels empty." I feel physically full when I eat, like I can't fit another bite in, but it doesn't relieve my hunger, if that makes any sense. I don't feel satisfied-full and I spend most of the day feeling hungry.

I am so frustrated at this point. Part of me still thinks I need a bit more of a fill, the other part thinks that I am broken and the lap-band isn't going to work for me! My mom suggested maybe it's acid reflux/heartburn that I am misinterpreting as hunger, so I took some Prevacid this morning and will continue to do so for a few days to see if that helps. I just don't know...

I have a fill scheduled for 1.5 weeks from now (just to get on the books if I do need it), and I'm about to call the PA again and ask her opinion, but would love, love, love some input. Honestly, if a veteran bandster is willing to talk me through this on the phone, I'd be soooo grateful, especially if you've felt this way before! I am ready to lose my mind!


  1. Oh hun - the band IS going to work for you. I know you're worried about that but you aren't going to fail...I know it. I know one of the veterans will call you and you'll get through it. Smooches!

    I saw your comment on my blog today- too funny on prison guards and WI. Two brothers live in Milwaukee! Small world huh?

  2. Amy can you e-mail me?

  3. Sweetie, if you get the answers will you share? Because I gotta tell you, a turkey burger, cheese stick, crackers and turkey lunch meat later and I'm still starving. Of course, I have NO FLUID at all in my band but still -- supposedly there is restriction according to my doc and the barium swallow I did. Anyway, I'd love to know what you find out.

  4. We need Inspector Gadget to take the case. I'm on it! lol!

  5. Great question.. because i'm having trouble guessing between gas rumbles and hungery pains.. :0)

    But then I just swing on the loratab bottle and feel better ;) I kid I kid!!

    I'll come back to see what the elders say on this.. good luck Amy..

    ps-i want a steak-um

  6. My diagnosis: She was starving for 10 days (too tight) followed up by TOM. Her body is making up for lost time and she's very hungry due to the TOM hormones. She also may be flared up (acid reflux) from being too tight/swollen after her last fill.
    RX: Drink milk w/or as snacks to help with saiety. Also stick to whole foods & solid protein. Don't's only temporary!
    You're not broken. I've been there, done that and have the size XL T-Shirt to prove it.
    Hang in there, you are doing great!

  7. Great job Inspector!

    Amy, I hope your symptons lessen soon and you get back to normal!