Tuesday, April 13

Slowly but surely

Thanks for all the supportive comments yesterday. I had a protein shake for dinner along with a snack of 1/2 c. of cottage cheese. I feel much better this morning. I'm sipping on another protein shake as we speak. Instead of my beloved caramel macchiato. I told myself if I was a good girl and had a protein shake for breakfast and soup for lunch, I could have a caramel macchiato for an afternoon snack. The shake is going down slowly this morning, but it's going down. And I know it's not unusual to be tighter in the AM, so I think I'll be fine in a week or so.

Another lb gone overnight for a total of 48.2 lbs lost. My goal was to hit 50 by my 5 month anniversary, and since it's still 12 days away, and I'm only 1.8 lbs from 50, I'm pretty confident I'll make it!

I also wanted to say, I know my eating was not stellar on Sunday, the day I posted my menu. We normally do not eat that much fast food, but my friend was in town with her very picky 2-year old. And she is pickier than he is. She eats PLAIN food. Like a single from Wendy's is plain - a bun and a burger. No ketchup, no nothing! When she comes to visit, we eat out the whole time, as there's no way to make everyone happy. I realize I was no where near getting in what I should have, but it was a crazy day. Not to say we don't eat crap sometimes, because we certainly do, it's just not usually twice in one day!

On other notes, the owner of the company that DH works for leaves for FL today. They are there until Sunday, and if all goes well, they'll be signing a lease while they're down there. Keep your fingers crossed - we should have some answers very, very soon as to when we are moving!

And one final note, if I don't show back up on Thursday, it's because I am in jail for beating my husband. He has been self-employed the last few years, meaning our taxes are not straight-forward. My mom does our federal and state, but we do our city taxes. I am happy to do them for him, but he likes keeping his own books and such, so I can't really do it for him.

Last year, I kept begging him to get them done. I ended up finishing them up for him ON APRIL 15 WHILE IN THE HOSPITAL HOOKED UP TO AN IV AND MONITOR PREPPING FOR A C-SECTION that I was thoroughly upset about (we'd found out the day before that my son had flipped breach and there was not enough amniotic fluid to try an external version - I was devastated, as I'd already hired doula and read every natural birthing book I could get my hands on). He had to leave the hospital to go mail them, and I was sure I was going to get called early to the c-section and he was going to miss it. Fortunately, he made it back in time, but still. Ridiculous.

Fast-forward to this year, I've been telling him to take care of this for a couple of weeks. He doesn't. He leaves for his job on Sunday. Calls me yesterday - "I can't get the forms for the city taxes on my phone, since they're in PDFs." Well, I guess you best march your happy ass down to the library and find an internet connection and a printer, huh? Seriously. His lack of work-ahead-ness is going to drive me to insanity. So, if anyone is willing, I might need bailed out on Thursday. Thanks!


  1. Good job with your protein shakes, I am getting ready to go make mine for the day (I'm getting a late start) Awesome loss too! I am totally jealous of that part. I am blown up like a beached whale from too much salt yesterday this morning, ugg. Try not to kill the hubby, we don't want you to have to wear those yucky jumpsuits with flip flops--oh yuck!

  2. Southern Belle has a point about the jumpsuits and flip flops, LOL, plus they always come in horrible colors. Hang in there.

  3. Congrats on the tremendous WL... You have to feel wonderful with that accomplishment. And the taxes.. eh .. I am in the same boat with you. My DH waits to the last minute every year.. why.. it causes stress so I might be in the cell block next to you after I kill him for not getting them done!!.. I like wearing flip flops though :)

  4. Where in Florida? Are you coming to see me?

  5. Glad you are feeling better. So close to 50#!! Yay! My husband is an accountant. He is TOO on top of our taxes. I'll lend him to you for a day :)

  6. Awesome WL & you will meet your goal for sure :)