Monday, April 19

A bit of a milestone and approaching Twonesia

I weighed in this morning and was 322.0. This is a milestone for me!

In July 2006, I joined Weight Watchers for the last time. (HAHAHAHAHA - I so wish it were really the last time, but I swore it would be.) Anyhow, I weighed in at a whoppin' 322.6 lbs. I was M-O-R-T-I-F-I-E-D. Horrified that I'd gone over the 300 lb mark. Broke down on the scale. That day, I swore I'd never weigh over 300 lbs again.

Over the following eight months, I lost 59.8 lbs following Weight Watchers' Core plan. It was the first 'diet' that wasn't horrible to live by. Don't get me wrong, I struggled a lot, but it was doable. I also worked out A LOT. That's when I started spinning, I was running - I was at the gym 5 or 6 days every week, faithfully. I got down to 262.8 lbs before I got pregnant with DD in March 2007.

I immediately fell off the bandwagon and gained something like 60 lbs while pregnant with her. 10 months later, I was pregnant again with DS. Fortunately, I only gained about 12 lbs while pregnant with him, but since I'd never lost the weight I gained while pregnant with her, I wasn't exactly happy with where I ended up. And then I managed to gain more weight after he was born.

Anyhow, I am now lower than I was that fateful day almost 4 years ago. My life is also completely different. I have two young kids, so an hour or two at the gym every day is just not feasible. But my life is also different because I have the band, and I am no longer terrified of shooting back up the scale. I am losing weight for good. It's coming off without killing myself at the gym. It's coming off without constantly obsessing over food. Truth be told, I still think about food a lot and am still battling the hungries quite a bit, but it's different now. And a good different. While I want to workout and get back to the gym (going to sign up for spinning today), I also realize that I can work out 3 times a week (or not at all) and still lose weight. It doesn't have to be this giant battle every second of every day.

So, who else is working on getting below 300? I know there are a few of us. Twoterville is the term I've heard for the 200s, and I think it's awful. So, I am working on getting to TWOnesia. How's that? A little better at least? And there's actually a country called Tunisia, right? Aren't I sooooo smart? (Yes, a bit narcissistic, just like our beloved Heidi!)

Finally, I forgot about an NSV from Saturday. By the end of most parties, my feet and legs are KILLING me. Between getting ready and then hosting, I am usually spent by the time people leave. I was FINE on Saturday! I felt fine by the end! Granted, I was smart and threw on my Merrell sandals, so my feet had some support throughout the day, but I also think the 50 lbs I've lost helped with me not feeling so tired. And my ankles didn't swell, which is huge for me!

One more finally - I was thinking about how I've lost 50 lbs, and while I'm happy with that, I'm so focused on restriction, getting below 300, fitting into 26s, and so on that I lost sight of the fact that I've lost 50 lbs! Does that make any sense? When I separate it out and focus just on that fact - 50 lbs gone - I realize how much I've already accomplished. I need to take a step back and give myself a few kudos for hitting 50 before moving onto the next goal! :)

Happy Monday, All! It's back to work for me. YUCK!


  1. 50 pounds, that is such an accomplishment. You deserve a huge pat on the back and I'm sure you'll be a resident of Twonesia before you know it! Way to go!!!

  2. Wow...... I am working on getting below 300 also!!! That is hard for me even to type! I havn'e been banded yet, but hoping to finish up my 6 month diet plan and be insurance approved by August!!!! I would love to be under 300 by July, me n my husband are taking a trip to Disney World! Great post!!!!

  3. I LOVE TWOnesia! That is awesome. Good job! I'm working for that under 300lbs too. I still have 39.6lbs to reach 300 but I know I'll get there.

    I hear you on the swelling ankles. As soon as I started the pre-op diet, my ankles stopped swelling. It was so awesome.

    Totally understand where you are coming from on not focusing on what you have lost. I do that a lot and forget to look at how far I've come along already.

  4. I also love TWOnesia. It can now be the word for anyone entering or living with the "2". Great NSV also.

  5. Love "TWOnesia"! Yay milestone!!
    I am supper goal oriented (like you perhaps?). So I never seem to stop and live in the moment once I reach a goal - I'm just on to the next goal. I should work on that too.

  6. I have been there sister! Seeing 299 on the scale was a good day! And I also know exactly what you are talking about...about not living in the 50 pound moment...looking towards the next big goal. This changed for me after my one year bandiversary...I really was aware of how once I reached a minigoal I was only happy with it for about 24 hours and then I wanted MORE. So now I just try to remember how thankful I was or felt when I hit that minigoal...

  7. congrats on 50! that is huge. and, no, i am not doing the math and averages between just think how easy the next 50 will be with restriction and then you will wake up at 100 lb loss!

    i started the lap-band at 312. leaving twonesia was great --especially knowing that, like you said, this time i will never go back to 300.

    keep it up!

  8. 50 lbs! You are a rock star. Amy - I firmly believe that I would've kept gaining if I hadn't gotten my band. We all started in different places, but it's all downhill from here!

  9. I definately like Twonesia better. Twoterville reminds me of tooting-

    50lbs is an awesome accomplishment!!

  10. We weigh about the same!!! I am trying to get to TWOnesia (I really do love that!) by June 4th: my 24th birthday.

    Let's do this together!

  11. Congratulations on losing 50 lbs. You'll be in Twonesia before you know it.

  12. Girl, 50 pounds is nothing to sneeze at. I am super proud and impressed by you! Keep up the good work. And I hear you about the gym. Having kids really screws up that ability to get in an hour every day, doesn't it? I strive for 4 times a week -- 45 min each time. Sometimes I make it, others I don't. But like you said, I don't obsess the way I used to because I know that whatever is lost, is gone for good!