Monday, March 15

I think it's safe to say...

...I'm not overfull considering I just sucked down a spinach salad like it was my last meal.

Seriously. Probably 2 cups worth of baby spinach, onion, pear, blue cheese, pecans, grilled chicken, and a homemade dressing. It was soooo good. And so not sticky. At all. It went down with no pain at all.

Unfortunately, I could have eaten twice that much, but since the weight has been coming off nicely, and I'd like it to continue that way, I stopped. That does mean, however, that there's a nice salad waiting for me for tomorrow's lunch. Makes my belly happy!


  1. Yumm-o that looks so good. I am glad you are not overfull and that you are losing, awesome!

  2. Deeeelish salad. Glad to hear the weight is coming off - always good when the band does its job!

  3. Good for you-- while the band is 'ramping up'-- you're using as much of your own smarts and determination as you can. That rocks.
    I know it is going to get easier-- that is what every expert says and I believe it...