Monday, March 29

How the band is affecting other areas of my life

Is it just me? Maybe I used to be the laziest person alive. Seriously. I had NO energy to do anything. I did what needed to be done, and that was good enough.

Now I'm on top of things in my life - phone calls made, appointments scheduled, laundry managed, house tidied, and so on.

I don't think I can contribute all of this to just the actual weight lost. I think a larger part - indeed most - of it has to do with the mental aspect.

I no longer have to spend my time worrying about being fat the rest of my life. It's like I have rediscovered what it means to live. To feel like caring about tomorrow.

I no longer have to beat myself up over not dieting/not losing weight/not working out/eating the wrong thing. I still do this a bit, but not like before, and I am getting better. This gives me time to focus my energy on more important things.

And as these things fall into place, my life feels more organized. And as my life feels more organized, I feel more energized. And as I feel more energized, I feel like caring about myself more. Doing my hair, wearing makeup, going for walks with the kids. It's an amazing feeling - like I am waking up from a deep sleep, only to realize that I was sleeping even when I thought I wasn't. I never thought I was depressed or anything of the like, but I actually think I was to some extent. Depressed over this battle I never thought I'd win. And now that I can see victory on the horizon, I am reenergized!

On other very shameless-self-promotion fronts, I took pics of the kids this weekend - a few of them in their Easter clothes and then some for my son's first birthday, which is in a few weeks. I love these kiddos (they make my heart sing with joy), but I am also proud of my budding photography skills!

In his birthday crown.

It was a huge, pretty lollipop until he dropped it 15 seconds after we handed it to him.

She looks soooo sweet, but don't let her fool you!

The only pic of them together where she wasn't mauling him. Honest to goodness!


  1. they are adorable and I LOVE their outfits!

  2. I love this post DOUBLE!
    I've been noticing the same thing lately, the energy and organization and having the energy to constantly go and do more! I *LOVE* it!
    I'm with you - I never thought I was depressed, but in some ways I must have been.
    Now to the photos - I'm a wanna-be photographer, I just bought my first SLR in November. These pictures are GORGEOUS! They are crystal clear and the lighting is perfect. Of course, the subjects are just TOO CUTE, as are their Easter clothes. Do you have a studio, those backgrounds are great! I'm so jealous!

  3. you are an amazing photographer!

    i agree about feeling mentally lighter. amazing, isn't it?

  4. Thanks, you guys are inflating my ego - I love it! I really want to do this professionally...

    Jennifer, what did you get? I have a Canon XSi. I just got a backdrop stand with a few backdrops two weeks ago.

    I took these in my west-facing garage at about 4 pm. Worked pretty well, although it's certainly no studio!

  5. Firstly, wow, what you wrote really struck a chord with me - the energy, the wanting to take care of yourself, feeling better about all sorts of aspects of your life. Thank you for writing that post.
    Secondly - mega cute kiddies! My little boy was one a week ago and we got a 'professional' photographer in to take shots of him and us; they are nowhere near as good as yours!

  6. You are a talented photographer, and it doesn't hurt that your subjects are absolutely precious!
    I'm just on day 5 with the band and I've curled my hair 4 times already? You said a mouthful, hope does funny things to a girl!

  7. Your children are absolutely gorgeous!!

  8. Your photos are wonderful and your children are gorgeous! I feel the same way... so much more energy. DH & I are purging all the excess clutter in our entire house. It's quite an undertaking & without the weight loss I'd be too tired to do it.

  9. Great Pictures!! You are an impressive photographer.
    I think the activity level does rise with depression lifting. Even we don't realize how much our weight affects our mood.

  10. I have the Xsi too! My photos aren't nearly as clear but I'm still learning. Did you take a class? I didn't even know you could buy backdrops..see I'm a total newbie. Where did you get yours?

  11. yay for you! These photos are amazing!

  12. They are absolutely gorgeous! You did a fantastic job with the photos - our Christmas card shoot generally ends up being a fiasco. You got mad skills, girl!

    I feel a little more on the ball as I'm losing weight too. Here's hoping the energy increases as the size of me decreases...

  13. Thanks, everyone! I'd come take pictures of your kids if we lived close by!

    Jen, I didn't take a class, BUT I do tons of reading on message boards and share pics to critique a lot. It has helped immensely.

    The backdrop I got is this one:

    And then I got several rolls of 53" seamless paper (thunder grey, pecan, ocean blue, and bone).

    Are you shooting in manual? Email me (do you still have my email) and we'll chat!

  14. So cute! I also love the outfits.

  15. Wow, that picture of your bubs look like they are straight out of magazine - I kid you not. They look fresh and sooo darn cute and love the colour co-ordination. You put me to shame with my lot lol.

    And I have to say I agree about the whole mental aspect. It's really true. We finally do get it together.

  16. Great pictures Amy. You really are talented. It's heartwarming to hear how excited and energized you are about life now. Isn't it funny how we sometimes don't see what was really missing from our lives. Glad you are feeling so great!

  17. They are so gorgeous and your photos are stunning. Your daughters hair is sucha beautiful colour. I feel the extra energy too

  18. Ooo, I have your e-mail at home. I'll e-mail you tonight. I was telling my husband about your photos and your 'West facing 4pm garage studio W/BACKGROUNDS'...hahaha! I LOVE it!
    I want to ask you about your lenses too. My kit lens isn't cutting it for me, but I love my Zoom lens - it takes AMAZING pictures. Are you on FB? We should join up - a few pics. I took of my daughter are on there - they are my favorites. My email: is ChaChaStella @ (no spaces)