Friday, March 12

PB'ing for the third time

Tonight's PB was on shish kafta. I was SURE it would go down fine. But nope - up it came. Twice. And the pain STILL wasn't relieved.

So, I realized tonight that all three PB's have come when I am sitting at the table with my entire family. I've never PB'ed when DH isn't around. I honestly think some of it is the stress of trying to make sure everyone's got what they need and trying to eat while also attending to both kids.

I ate some potato soup later. And have been drinking lots of water and sugar-free lemonade. It's going down hard.

I've either really swollen it up, or maybe I'm inching a bit towards restriction. The bummer is I am HUNGRY. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. I'm not surprised, though; here's what I've eaten today:

B: chobani yogurt with about 1/2 c. of granola
S: string cheese stick
L: 1/2 of a burrito bowl from Chipotle, heavy on the salsa
S: string cheese stick, 3 strawberries, a tiny slice of cake
D: 1.5 c. potato soup

If I were at good restriction, this would probably be more than enough. Right now, it's not quite enough, but I am hoping against hope.


  1. Ack - I had to PB while food shopping this morning - nasty AND embarrassing. I had to hide in the corner and puke into the little plastic sealable bags I carry everywhere with me lol. EEK!
    Hope you feel better now - PB is NO fun!!

  2. WOw i have not pb for a while. It always makes me nervous when I read about everyones experiences.. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow...

  3. While I know it is a necessary evil, I am not looking forward to the PB experience! I hope you feel better today.

  4. Sorry for you! I hear you on trying to take care of everyone... You deserve to focus on trying to take care of yourself.
    Just a thought, which might not work, I realize we all have our circumstances that are individual:
    maybe eat either before or after everyone else so you don't get stuck while eating??
    Suggestion from Dr. Ren to think about-- if you are hungry and very restricted-- have a small amount of a band friendly food with FULL fat.
    This worked a bit for me yesterday, as I am on liquids through today... I had a full fat latte (200 calories) from Dunkin donuts. Warm, soothing, and gave me a bit of a full feeling for a while.
    Hope you are feeling better. Lots of love.

  5. UGH, I hate PB's...and you're smarter than I am going to liquids right away as you do get swollen (it takes me awhile to learn that lesson). Just an FYI, I know you were eating softer things (yogurt, soup, and not sure, but something with a LOT of salsa could become a slider for me too) because of the PB, but just so you know those sliders would make me hungry too, so the upside of the PB is maybe there is some restriction there that you'll start feeling when you're back to solids!

  6. My Doctor says that if you PB you need to go onto liquids for 24hours because you have irritated your band at that point. I would take it easy and maybe that will bring some of the restriction back as well if you went on to liquids I know that always helps when I dont have alot of restriction. and if you are PB'ing when you doing have alot of restriction that may mean that you are not chewing the food really well, Just remember to CHEW CHEW CHEW. I hope this helps!

  7. Chew, chew, can do it :)

  8. I'm sure that your thought about only pb'ing at family dinner is right on the money. I know that I eat a lot faster at dinner some nights because I'm focused on my daughter & hubby than I do say eating lunch at work. I'm lucky and have never had a real pb(I'm whistling past the graveyard), but I'm guessing I would go to mushies after a bad one.
    Every time you get a little more restriction you have to adjust your eating - here's hoping with slowing down and really chewing you discover some new restriction!

  9. Hi Amy! I need your address - can you send me a message- my e-mail is on my profile!
    I hope you are not PB'ing today!

  10. Thanks for the support. I'm about to post about it, but I think I'm closer to restriction than I was giving myself credit for. I am taking it S-L-O-W and small. Very small. Much better.

    PB'ing still sucks, though...