Friday, March 12

I hate rules.

The clinic WILL NOT do a fill sooner than 4 weeks after the first two. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Period. I hate stupid rules.

I'm scheduled for 4/6 for now. That's 4 weeks from Tuesday. Or 3.5 more weeks.

Here's my question. I've not even tried finding a local surgeon since we are moving. I figured my chances of finding someone to take me on when we move to FL would be greater if I'd stuck with my original surgeon until I move. I am not sure if this has any merit, but I just know that surgeons aren't always willing to take on patients they didn't band.

But now I'm tempted to transfer to a Fill Center USA or see if I can find someone local. I just want someone who's not so rigid and is more responsive to the fact that I am nearly four months post-op without restriction. And getting more pissed off about it by the minute.



  1. My surgeon has a strict 6 weeks between all fills rule. It's especially odd since he'll give you the first one as soon as 3 weeks post-op.

    When you move, I suggest going to various surgeon' free support group meetings. That way you can ask some actual patients.

  2. I am being banded on 3/24 in Mexico and while I have a surgeon in FL where I live who will do my after-care, I am still thinking about going to Fill Centers USA. The surgeon is less expensive, if you can believe that but they are 100 miles away as opposed to 20 miles for Fill Center. What part of FL are you moving to?

  3. You should definately find someone new who is responsive to your problem.

  4. That seems like a long time to wait between fills. After my first I could go every 2 weeks (and did for awhile). I would look into other options for fills.

  5. That seems a little strict to me. I am able to go every 2 or 3 weeks if I need to. Doing some research wouldn't hurt, just to find out who else is around that might offer fills in a more timely fashion. I would interview some clinics and hear what they have to say.

  6. I know how you feel when I had my surgery my doc will not do a fill until 6 weeks after then for the 1st 3 he will fill every 6 weeks and will not budge on that. You just have to have alot of willpower and make good choices and you will make it!

    Where are you moving to in florida there are alot of us bandsters here in pensacola!

  7. I know the feeling of wanting a fill now and not being able to get it... but I also have learned that filling slow is very beneficial. I was five months out before I got restriction. My surgeon does fills every 4 weeks and will not do anything big. He firmly believes that over filling is soo much more dangerous. And in the scheme of things it is better to fill slowly instead of too fast and end up doing an unfill and having to start all over.

    Hang in there, restriction will happen!