Tuesday, March 16


I work 3 miles from home, so I often go home at lunch. I enjoy the peace and quiet. A lot.

Anyhow, I did an experiment today. I counted how many restaurants are on my drive home.


That's how many!

Then I got curious and decided to apply some Amerrific Reasoning to this.

26 restaurants over the course of 3 miles means I see 8.67 restaurants every mile.

Assuming I am averaging 30 mph, it takes 2 min to go every mile. Therefore, every 1 minute, I see 4.34 restaurants.

Assuming a restaurant comes into view and leaves in 10 sec (I really have no idea how long it actually is – just guesstimating), that means that 43 sec of every minute of my commute is spent viewing a restaurant.

This means 72% of my commute I am bombarded with thoughts about food. And knowing me, that means that I am thinking about food more than 72% of the time. Even if it is subconscious.

Obviously this is very unscientific, because it does not take into account stop signs, stop lights, seeing multiple restaurants at once, etc.

But it does illustrate a point. No wonder I'm always thinking about food. It's EVERYWHERE!

The sad thing is I've been to more than 50% of the aforementioned restaurants. So it's also no wonder I'm fat.


  1. this is good info! It really is crazy how many food places are all around us! the sight of fast food makes me nauseous now because I know how many calories are in that food and how unhealthy it is. I <3 My band for not allowing me to eat at 95% of fast food places!!! :o)

  2. factor in television advertisements, radio commercials, billboards.... and it is more like 100% of the time!
    I'm glad I live in the sticks - 40 min from anything. I believe it helps.