Wednesday, March 24

Just call me Ms. Cranky Pants

I had a long day yesterday - 7+ hours of driving for a very worthless two hour meeting. Fun times, I tell ya.

I also had my first public PB. I am soooo over PB'ing (my fourth in case you are keeping track). They no longer scare me or gross me out or anything. They just PISS ME OFF. Seriously. I went out to lunch with a coworker. I avoided the burger, because I knew that would spell trouble. But I did opt for chicken nachos. Chewed the first tiny bite very well, and boom! Stuck. Seriously. I had to excuse myself to the bathroom. Thank god, no one was in there, since there was just one stall. I came back and pushed my food around on my plate so she wouldn't really realize I wasn't eating. I think she realized but was too polite to say anything.

I hate that it leaves me starving. I hate hate hate the point that I am at. All the crappy parts but no restriction. It sucks.

I lose exactly 0 lbs last week. I deserve it after my bad weekend, but I was really hoping for at least something. So unless I lose 1.4 lbs today, I will not be hitting 40 lbs in 4 months. Sigh.

Why else am I cranky?

  • My so-called friends on Facebook who think that I am unAmerican because I think it's aboutdamnedtime that the government tell insurance companies that it is illegal to deny someone coverage just because they lost the game of genetics roulette and have an inherited pre-existing condition that makes getting private insurance impossible.
  • The person at McDonald's who assured me my iced coffee was plain when it was in fact not and then argued with me that it was - because yes, I like to waste my time and get to work late over an order that's not indeed wrong - makes total sense to me.
  • My husband who has a stomach bug again and wonders why I seriously do not want him to come home this weekend.
  • The fact that I can't talk about our move at work yet and I want to sooooo badly.
  • The fact that I'm even at work today.
  • That I'm still fat. Why aren't I magically skinny?

You might be well-advised to stay far, far away today! Do you think being angry burns additional calories? Maybe I can hit 40 by tomorrow after all. HAHAHA Alright, I'm going to go try to be in a better mood, since I have to give a big presentation at a staff meeting in about 20 min. Smile!


  1. Amy, what a lovely cranky post! All your reasons for crankiness add up to one great thing: that you refuse to be a doormat.
    From what I've noticed, "unAmerican" is a term which is both abused and overused, and within the circumstances you describe, whoever called you that needs to look it up in the dictionary.
    What I get fed up with, is that the band shows its presence by making me PB on the one hand, but not by helping me feel full soon after starting to eat, which is what it should do.
    I'm not sure anger burns up calories, but it certainly adds to stress, which is definitely bad for you. Honestly, it WILL pass...

  2. I was very cranky yesterday! Hang in there & feel better soon :)

  3. I'm sorry you had such a crummy day. Hope you are feeling better today and that 40 pounds will come soon! :)

  4. I LOVED this post (sorry you are cranky though)-- good for you for creating space for yourself to say how you feel. I hear you, I hear you.
    Keep on keepin' on. And I hear you about the husband too-- mine is laying in bed right now with the same cold I have. We can't seem to kick the winter bugs. Bleh..

  5. I'm sorry for the bad mood, but this is a great blog!

  6. Kudos to you, Amy! If your friends are accusing you of being un-American, don't worry; we Canadians will take you!! :)

  7. I'm sorry you are havin a bad day. But you have really lost a lot of weight. Don't lose sight of that.

  8. let's talk about the move...any ideas on timing? did you guys narrow down what part of central florida?

    just think when you get down here after a bad day you can go over to The World for dinner and fireworks!

  9. Ack! We all have these kinds of day(s). Chin u, punkin. It can only get better.