Thursday, July 29

Fat girl in a little dress

The whole family except for me is in BILs wedding on October 2. DH is the best man, DD is the flower girl, and DS is the ring bearer. We have to fly to OH, stay in a hotel, rent a car - basically, spend lots of money. Money that we don't necessarily have.

In the midst of our move, I came across a dress that I forgot I even had. I'd worn it to do a reading in a friend's wedding in 2002-2003ish. As soon as I saw it, I realized how much I still like it and how much I want to wear it to the wedding in October. Especially since that's money I don't need to spend on a dress.

Bad news is it's an 18W, and I'm wearing 22/24W right now.

Good news is it zips, and I can breathe.


Good news is I have just over two months to make it look good.

Can I do it?

These were taken two weeks ago...minus any supportive undergarments, if you get my drift...The pics don't really do it justice. It's got this drapey neckline and kind of hugs the curves without being tight (when you're not too fat for it, that is). The fabric is black with these gorgeous kind of shiney maroonish roses on it.

(Excuse the hideous hair, please.)

And since I'm posting pics, here are a few of my cuties I took today.


  1. Your kids are ADORABLE! I love the dress. It is a bit tight now, but I bet it will be perfect by October!

  2. Of course you can do it! I'll be rooting you on as it's a pretty dress and how your smile will beam on Oct 2nd when you are wearing it with satisfaction!

    Your kids are so cute! What great pictures!!

  3. I bet it will be perfect by October, you'll be the belle of the ball! Your children are absolutely precious!

  4. You will so be able to fit that dress by October.

    Your babies are just the cutiest!!

  5. That dress is gorgeous! You can totally pull it off by October!!!

    Your kids are adorable! I love these shots :)

  6. The dress will fit and the kid are so lovable :-)

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, babies! I am certain you will be in the dress by October!

  8. I'm with everyone else - it will totally fit by October. I am even willing to bet it may be too big by October ;)

    And your children are precious. The photos are so cute!

  9. CUUUUUUUUTE!!!! And the kids aren't bad either!

    The title of this blog made me lol. I loves me some Tommyboy!

    Funny you posted this today...just this afternoon, I pulled out a pair of size 18 pants that another fatty sent me when she shrunk out of them years ago when I was doing WW. They are SOOOOOOO cute...they're black capris with fringes around the bottom (trust me...cuter than that sounds) and they are also a size 18. They never ever have fit me...but I am SO hoping to get into them...maybe even by Chicago, but I think that is wishful thinking to the extreme. I can't wait to see you rock that dress in October though!

  10. ADORABLE kids!!

    The dress?? Not only will it fit better on October (totally doable!!) I have one other word for you, when it comes to being HIPPY.....


    Lane Bryant carries them, and it TOTALLY smoothes out your shape. Get the one that goes all the way up to under the "girls"..... and down to your thighs.

    That's totally do the trick!

    From one hippy girl to another,

    Karen :D

  11. It's me again!

    So.... I went to the beginning of your blog, since I can't always remember where everyone is in their journey.

    You started at 374, I started at 375.5
    You got banded on 11/25/09, I got banded on 8/6/2009

    So, essentially you're 3 months behind me in weight loss (assuming we're both losing about 5 lbs/mo, yes?)

    3 months until October, yes?

    I am FIRMLY in an 18/20..... I might even say 16/18 if there was such a size.

    You're SO in that dress, babe!


  12. It will fit you like a glove in October = holy hotness!
    Ummmm, how cute are your kids??

  13. Yep, agree with everyone else. ADORABLE kids and a dress that will look FANTASTIC come October!

  14. You'll be rocking that dress in October.
    Great photos of the cuties.

  15. you are so owning this dress by october! you are looking great. i will email you later about getting together....

  16. OMG, your kids are the cutest!!! Models?!?

  17. you can TOTALLY do it by October!

  18. You CAN do it!! That is great that you have the dress and wedding to motivate you!

    Your kids are too cute! <3

  19. The dress will be perfect in October! You will look amazing in it!
    Your kids are adoralbe!! Are you a professional photographer? (Sorry, just started following all the blogs, getting banded next week:)) your pictures are wonderful.