Monday, July 19

The post you've all been waiting for...

No, not a vlog. Joey said I wasn't allowed to do one until I hit 100 lbs. ;) You're safe for another 3.2 lbs. In my world, that means a week.

No, today's post is PICTURES! Of yours truly. The one you all secretly want to be like. Fine, I know no one really wants to be me...the pressure of being this awesome is really overwhelming. HAHA!

OK, seriously, what is with me today? The compliments have gone to my head apparently.

Back to the regularly scheduled post, here are some fat, skinny, and in-between pics of me over the last 10-ish years...the pics are in order of weight, not date.

March 2008 - 320ish - I remember seeing this picture and wanting to cry. My ass is W-I-D-E.
May 2006 - 320ish - Our wedding and honeymoon. Wedding dress was a size 24, and it only fit because it wasn't tight in my problem areas - hips/butt/thighs.
Size 28 jeans.

October 2005 - 320ish - my headshot for work. I did cry when I saw this.

Christmas 2006 - 275ish - with my bestie from WI. Size 24 jeans. Yes, she is gorgeous and skinny. She runs and spins and does triathlons, but even if she didn't (and when she didn't), she maxes out about 10 lbs above this weight. I still love her.
Earlish 2007 - 265ish - my last successful attempt at WW. I had lost 50 lbs at this point.
June 2007 - 275ish - about 3 months pregnant with DD

OK, enough of the fat befores. How about some of the skinny befores? I had to dig waaaaayyyyy back for these.

November 1999 - 200ish lbs - home from grad school for Thanksgiving. I'd lost a bunch of weight over the summer (you'll see pics in a minute) and was slowly gaining it back.

November 1999 again - 200ish - size 16 jeans from Old Navy. (With my family - parents, brother, and dad's parents). My dad recently lost 75 lbs (from about the size in this pic) and has kept it off for 6 months. My mom has been the same weight for years - she's one who doesn't care about food. My brother is constantly trying to gain weight.

Summer 1999 - one of two triathlons I completed that summer - the lowest I got with WW was 191 lbs, so I am somewhere around there. I was wearing 12s and 14s from Old Navy at that point.

With my ex, but it shows you just how thin my face was!

Crossing the finish line!

Summer 1979 - about 40 lbs and last time I rocked a bikini :)

The pics of me at 191-200 lbs make me happy. I realize I still had some weight to lose, but after many years of carrying many extra pounds, I might be perfectly content there. Then again, more and more of me is wanting to be 'thin' when this is all said and done. I've got about 90 lbs to go before I really need to worry about it, though!


  1. WOW! Okay first of all, you are really, really beautiful at ANY size! Second of all, I love the new profile pic. You look so different. Third of all, you've come a long, long way. I am so inspired by your progress. I can't believe you are almost down 100 lbs. That is AMAZING!

  2. I agree with Amanda, you're lovely at any size!! I think the only bikini picture of me was taken about the same age as yours! I rocked that little strawberry bikini though. Wonder if I could find an adult size one for when I hit goal...hmm...

    Also: Love that wedding picture! How cool is that! I love "fun" wedding pics, that really bring out the spirit of the day.

  3. really look GREAT at any size!!! Please don't take this the worng way but you carry yourself amazingly at ANY size!!! I kept looking at some of those pictures and saying there is no way those are size 28 jeans!!!!! It looked like they would have been a way smaller size!!! Oh, and your wedding picture....BEAUTIFUL!!! I just loved it! I would have NEVER guessed you weighed 320 in that pic!! You are so beautiful!!! And..... a great inspiration! Thanks for all the support!!!!

  4. Wow, Amy, you look awesome. LOVE the photo show.

  5. You look beautiful at any size, Amy!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have to agree with the others, you are beautiful at any size and you obviously carry your weight very well. You are truly inspiring. I'm so glad I found your blog!

  7. I loved the trip from the past. You are going to get to your dream. I know it.

    And I love the bikini shot. It is just the cutest picture. I hope you have it framed somewhere because it is adorable.

  8. Thanks for sharing are adorable!

  9. Love the pictures, especially the one of you as a little girl. So cute. ALL of them.

  10. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
    I can't view these pix - thanks to an overzealous IT guy! I'll have to take a peek at home.

  11. Amy.. what a great post and collection of photos.. I agree you are really a beautiful girl..but I like your current photo the best! you are confident, glowing and just beaming.

    Great story in these pics..

  12. Love these pics. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love to see everyone's pictures. I have to agree with everyone that you looked great at all weights, BUT I understand that you didn't feel that way.
    You are doing great!

  14. Fabulous pictures Amy, you're so pretty - and love that profile picture. Haven't you come a long way! I did the same on my blog last year, and found it quite emotional going through what I had and admitting to the world what the 'before' was like - it was difficult, but I'm glad I did it.

  15. Awww... I love these. Seriously, stop being so pretty already. You're making me look bad.

    My wedding dress was the same way - It was 2 sizes smaller than most things I wore because if fit me so exact.

  16. Okay. You are seriously freaking beautiful (at any size!).

    Love all the pics! Your wedding looks like it must have been a BLAST!

  17. Wow, you have battled weights ups downs a long time. I felt such a sense of relief when I finally got the band, you've made great progress.