Tuesday, July 27

Exercise can SUCK IT.

Seriously. Now I'm getting pissed.

I've been working out, and working out hard. I'm not eating anymore than before.

And what's my thanks? It's on a hallway carpet. I got paid in puke. Sorry, tangent - but bonus points if you can name the movie!

No, seriously, what's my thanks? NOTHING. The %&#*&@*&^$ scale will. not. move. In fact, I'm up a pound today.

Seriously. Why did I start working out? I was steadily losing without exercise. Exercise was supposed to help, right? Not so much.


I *know* it'll come off. And I know it's good for me. And I'm actually enjoying it, especially BodyPump, which is my newest addiction. But it's frustrating to no end to be doing everything I'm supposed to, and the scale is going the wrong direction. Not to mention, my body hurts! Oy, my muscles are a-painin'! I'm hurting and getting fatter...what the hell????

I just want to hit 100 lbs lost, thankyouverymuch freakin' exercise. Please?

Nothing else much to report... Thank you all for the kind comments about my grandpa. He's being laid to rest tomorrow next to his beloved wife. We are not going - it's happening in Iowa, although I very much wanted to go, because it's in the same town as one of my favorite bandsters, and I was hoping to meet her! (I am not saying who, because I can't remember if she shares that info publicly or not. But you know who you are!)

Oh, a few more things...

Sunday was my 8-month bandiversary. I was soooo hoping to be down 100 lbs by then, but it was not to be. However, 97 lbs in 8 months isn't too shabby, so I'll quit whining.

DH keeps calling me 'skinny' and complimenting me! It's fun.

Doing any kind of ab work in class SUCKS, because it hurts my newly-exposed tailbone.

I have these hard things that stick out on my sides, and they are really bony. Yep, I can feel some hip bone and rib cage. It's a miracle!

I've been checked out a few times recently. I can't tell you the last time that happened! It totally catches me off guard. LOL

Alright, kids are whining - gotta run!


  1. Damn scale! You are doing great, regardless!! 97 lbs in 8 months is insanely good! :)

  2. Down 97 lbs. is AWESOME! I believe there is a reason why people do not lose weight when they first start working out - something about storing lactic acid in the muscles or something. Everything will get moving again after a couple weeks. Don't stress too much and keep up the good work!

  3. welcome to my world sister.. I've been pretty consistently working out since I was banded but as soon as I turned up the volume on the exercise (adding Zumba in and working out daily) the weight loss stopped.. I'm still waiting for it to start moving again.. it's irritating for sure!! I feel your pain, but girl, you are still kicking ass!!!!

  4. Working out can be so frustrating when you don't get results on the scale. However, please do believe you will feel it in your clothes - no doubt!

    Congrats on being 97 lbs down at only 8 months out, that is AMAZING!! <3

  5. "F*&k me gently with a chainsaw!!" Heathers is my all time favorite movie, by far! Endlessly quotable...

    The exercise may slow you down now, but in another couple of weeks your metabolism is going to be roaring away and burning fat even while you're not working out. If that's not an incentive to keep at it despite your scale being a little bitch, I don't know what is!

  6. Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.

    When your muscles are sore, they are holding on to water. Stick it out, I promise it will work!

    97 pounds in 8 months is fucking amazing!

  7. Stupid Scale!!!

    Wow...you can feel your ribs and hip bones? I am not sure that I have any of those but maybe someday I will feel them...if I have them! lol

  8. You're killing me! 97 lbs in 8 months! Way to go!!!! Remember that panicked day when you thought you'd never have restriction? You obviously do, and balls of steele to go with it! I am so happy for you. Sorry about your granddad. The photo of him you had on FB was gorgeous. Keep working out - you are going to enjoy the rewards later. Working out pounds do not count - the weight is from water retention and muscle repair. I know how you feel though - same exact thing happens to me and I hate it!

  9. I cannot believe how far you've come in such a short amount of time. It really is an inspiration. As for exercise, yes. I'm there. right there with you, Amy. People would honestly cry if they saw how much I work out and how little I lose. My work outs alone should make the weight come off, but it doesn't. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that the working out is helping my health in general. Maybe I'll be a fitter 65 year old than I expected. I know its not much comfort when our goal is to see the scale move down but its something.

  10. 97 lbs in 8 months. Can we stop and think about that for a second? Jeebus. Seriously wow!

  11. I want to punch you! :) I am just 5 weeks shy of 1 year and can't even get to that 80 lbs mark! 97 lbs is amazing!! Trust me.. that scale will move again! You are doing fantastic!

  12. This is EXACTLY how I felt when I started exercising... it's complete BS. It just makes you want to quit, right??? I know. But, here I am, a month or so after I started exercising and I AM losing weight again... it will happen eventually!!

  13. 97???? Holy shit!

    KEEP EXERCISING! It is so good for everything else - your skin, your mood, your heart, your brain, etc etc.....and eventually it WILL help you lose! Promise!

  14. So did I hear you right? You've lost 97lbs WITHOUT working out???? In the tone of Amy W, "SAY WHAT?!?!". Girl, step away from the scale and rejoice in what you've accomplished so far! 97lbs. Bitch. ;)

  15. Same problem here with exercising and the scale moving upward and boy, does it SUCK the big one! Hopefully it will go back down soon enough for the both of us.