Tuesday, July 13

Band vs. Food

I haven't posted lately about how my band treats me, so I figured it was time. I'm often surprised by what I can/cannot eat and how much/little I can eat.

I don't have what I'd consider a "typical" day in eating, but I'll tell you what the last few days:

B: Homemade cappuccino with 2% milk
L: 1 c. broc-cheese soup
D: 1/2 McD's mac snack wrap + 10 fries
S: Coffee with creamer and 2 Costco choc chip cookies
(Yes, it was an awfully unhealthy day...)

Two days ago:
B: Coffee with creamer
L: 4 oz. of italian shake n bake chicken breast with spaghetti sauce
D: 1/2 c. bbq shredded pork + 1/2 c. sauteed brussel sprouts
S: Handful of M&Ms + handful of blueberries

I realize I don't make the healthiest choices, however, I also am quite satisfied, so until the scale stops or something else makes me change my ways, I'll keep on keepin' on.

I'm often amazed by how little I eat. I mean, really, really little amounts of food. Sometimes I will feel a bit stuck after 2 bites, and I am done until the next meal. And I don't starve to death in the mean time, despite what I used to think would happen if I didn't gorge at every meal.

I rarely eat what I would consider a LOT anymore. Take last night - I had 1/2 of a snack wrap and a few fries. DH had THREE double cheeseburgers and most of a large fries. I'm not too proud to admit I would have eaten the same thing in the past. Maybe only 2 burgers, but still at least 3-4x as much food as I eat now.

Along the lines of what I can/cannot eat, it's also often surprising.

Things that consistently cause me problems, much to my surprise and/or dismay:
  • Potato chips - every. single. time. I eat them, I get stuck or PB.
  • Thick pasta - not surprising, I guess, just sad.
  • Smooshy potatoes - as in mashed, in soups, etc., anything where they get a bit 'gluey', I cannot do. I miss clam chowder.
  • Rice - again, not surprising so much, but a bummer for sure.
  • Lettuce - especially if it is slimey/soggy (like on the snack wrap, I had to pull it off). I miss salads. A lot. (Thanks, Janice, for making me remember this!)

Things I can eat that I didn't think I'd be able to:

  • Pizza - as long as I go slow and it's a thin(ner) crust, I'm fine.
  • Tortillas - again, slow and steady and I'm fine.
  • Skinny pasta - angel hair and thin spaghetti work just fine.

I'm sure there is more for both lists, but of course, I cannot think of them right now. If/when I do, I'll edit. (This post was much more exciting and informative in my head!)

Finally, in this episode of Band vs. Food, I have to tell you, I still have many thoughts of "I sure wish I could just dig into {insert food here} without having to think about the consequences." Huge bites of pizza, a massive burger, a Chipotle burrito, a bag of chips with a vat of dip, and so on. Sigh. It is totally worth it, don't get me wrong, but 34 years' worth of eating one way isn't easily erased. Sometimes I watch DH eat, and I miss my comfort zone. Which leads me to my final thought - I absolutely could not have lost 94 lbs without the band. My addiction to food is just too strong. Maybe someday, but honestly, I think I'm a lifelong bandster.


  1. I think I am going to be a life long bandester also! I love eating food way too much! :)

  2. I'm so with you here! I feel like I eat tiny, tiny amounts of food compared to what I used to, although perhaps I still eat more than I should...!

  3. I am totally with you on the addiction to food. There have been times I have broken down in tears when something I am dying to eat doesn't work.

    Lifelong bandster I am as well.

    Still jealous of your 94 pound loss and your pool!! :)

  4. Funny but I think about the same "big bites" sometimes. It took me an hour to eat a piece of toast last night. Missed the enjoyment of warm buttered toast. But you're right. The band helps us lose this weight and keep it off. I sometimes wonder if I should take a big bite, chew it and then just spit it out. I can still eat chips and potatoes but having problems after a few bites too. Can't understand how the band has gotten so tight since my fill a month ago. I have to learn that I don't really need as much food. You are doing great and maybe, just maybe we'll one day be told we eat like a bird!

  5. I am definitely going to be a lifelong bandster....food is my heroin!

  6. Whatever you are doing it is working! :) For the most part, you can eat a little bit of everything (with a few exceptions). I see a picture of food and imagine taking a big bite.
    Memories! :)

    So far I can eat everything. I'm only 7 weeks out, so time will tell and I only have 5 cc in my band. I haven't tried salads yet.

    Even my daughter comments how little I eat at each meal. Just a few bites of each item and that is enough. Love our bands!!!

  7. I love this post. Chock full o' good info and since you are ROCKING the band, it is such great advice for us newbies.

    Congrats on your success!!!

  8. I agree with you.. sometimes I have my moments when I'm at a restaurant and I'm literally just staring at someone with envy who is eating a big burger and I wish I could do the same.. but then that thought passes and I realize how much help this band has given me and I press on. You are doing so well Amy!!! I envy YOU now!!

  9. Gawd, I think about digging into a burger or Chipotle burrito all the time still! I did it just last night. I was watching the hubby take humungo bites of his burger with bun and all the fixins' and I just sat there and cut up my patty into teeny bites and sighed. But, you are right...I would not have been where I am right now continuing doing those things either. So here to living long and prosper with our bands :)

  10. Every once in a while I'll forget my new life and I'll take this MASSIVE bite of something and try to eat it really fast so I can have ANOTHER massive bite. I revert back to my primitive "whoever eats the fastest gets the mostest" mindset. Fortunately, somewhere in that first bite I realize I'm in for a world of hurt so I start chew chew chewing and swallowing small portions at a time. It's times like this I truly want to hug my band back.

  11. This is a great post. I too, am astonished at how little I eat & am satisfied. I can eat a slice of pizza too, but I have to be careful. Bread is pretty much out for me now, but pasta is still a go.

  12. Totally with you on sometimes missing the old way of eating. Also with you on this still be worthwhile!

  13. I can totally relate to as well to the missing the old ways. Sometimes, I would love to just sit in front of the tv eat whatever fast food crap I picked up on the way home and not have to think about it. But... the band is saving my life and it is worth it.

  14. My doc pretty much said up front banding is a life long thing - and I should be willing to commit to them following me the rest of my life.
    Amy I think you're doing excellent. I wouldn't feel too bad about your snack choices either - I think this all about eating in moderation (severe moderation) not a diet.

  15. You are doing really well. Thanks for sharing your lists!

  16. I'm glad it's working so well for you. I'm praying I'll still be able to eat pizza.

  17. Life long bandsters unite!!!!!!!!!

    Count me in on that.

    I have still not tried the pizza, I think I am too scared to.... what if I can eat it? I just love it so much I haven't worked out yet if I want to be able to eat it or not.

  18. great post!! I am a life long bandster as well..my band has a mind of it's own on different days what I can tolerate!

  19. This is really interesting to me. How much fill do you have in your band again? i can eat WAY more than that on a typical day so I guess I'm not at a good fill level yet. I'm still relying on willpower to ensure I pick the right things to eat since I can eat so much of it.

  20. Sherry, I'm at 11.25cc in a 14cc band. So pretty tight!