Wednesday, January 6

Wonderful Wednesday

I have no idea why that's my title. I'm tired, I have to go out and deliver PR kits in the snow and cold and don't wanna, and I am only on full liquids today.


I am happy today. Just feeling positive. I like this. Could it all be tied together? Losing weight, doing the mental work, putting in the effort to make my life better. I mean, I'm normally a fairly happy person, but I feel lighter, both physically and mentally/emotionally, today.

The scale hasn't moved in two weeks. I am still sitting at 39.8 lbs lost. But that's OK. Now that I am moving a bit more and hopefully have at least a bit of restriction, I expect it to start going down again. Plus, I admit, I had a few naughty meals before my fill (pizza, sushi, and Pad Thai - things I wasn't sure when I'd be able to eat again), so I can't really complain about being the same. However, even without restriction, I didn't over do it. For example, two pieces of pizza was a meal, and a small Pad Thai lasted two meals. That's a HUGE change from the Days of Old Amy.

I have to go deliver these kits (which include lots and lots of cookies - my car is STUFFED with them), but I promise to check in more later. I think I'm addicted to my blogger friends!


  1. Have fun with the special deliveries and stay away from the cookies b/c it will pay off in the end. You are doing so great and I glad you're not getting nutty about the scale not moving.
    Question: are you keeping a food journal? I NEVER was able to do this before and am trying my hardest to keep a journal nowadays (I have a separate blog that is linked to my regular blog where I am journaling my food...)

    If we can get ourselves to be accountable to everything that goes in our mouths at the time-- we may be that much better off with eating sensibly.
    I am getting excited about being involved in this journey now!!

    Thanks for being such a good friend to me and so encouraging!! It has helped me a millionfold.

    Hugs and skinny kisses!!! Vanessa

  2. Hi Amy
    I just love your blog. And it really inspires. My banding is Feb 10th so I am in the "last supper" mode. And I love sushi too. I haven't told many people either and probably won't. They don't get it. Most of my friends are thin but they were always are on a diet when I was. Your 212 pound estimate was precious and worth ignoring. It was when I reached 212 pounds that I realized I had to do something. You see after all these years of being fat and healthy, I'm not anymore. So you are good to take charge and lose the weight or you could end up like me at 55 with health problems-Losing just 20% of my fat should cure all. My goal is much lower, but I am on-board with you. My most important goal is your #50-To Live! Protein Shakes start 3 weeks from today!!! (I love exclamation marks too!)

  3. Amy,

    Yikes.. I don't know if I could drive around with a car full of cookies.. Don't fret about the scale.. I lost a bit after my first fill and now I am in limbo, I can only say it is lack of sufficient exercise. When you get a couple fills in you, it will be a whole different story.
    be well