Wednesday, January 6

i am so cool

I am so cool. Got a new droid! Now I can blog from just about anywhere. I feel bad for you guys!


  1. U R cool!!! Congrats on the droid... they look pretty neat! I'm an Apple Zealot, so an iPhone was my only option..... just figured out today that I could Yahoo Messenger on it (there's an APP for that!) which is nice, because one of my clients is totally TIED to Messenger!

    Looking forward to your blog updates from ...... anywhere you want :)

  2. Hi Amy - I like the way you write, and love the list of "Why I was banded" - wish I'd thought of that! They made me laugh - I don't have kids but I identified with all the rest. I've no doubt you'll get there. I'd like to keep up with your progress, so will add you to my list of blogs to look at...

  3. lolol so there! (I so saw your tongue poke out at us too!)

    But um...what is a droid? A new toy obviously (jeez, I really need to get with the programme.)

  4. I can barely use the simple phone I have, I am so not ready for something like that!

  5. I got a Droid a few days before Christmas. I am addicted. It never leaves my side. Have fun, fellow Droider =)

  6. Wow, I may have to get one of those eventually-- I am totally addicted to my 'crackberry.'