Sunday, January 10

I am SOOOO cute! And you are, too!

First, I hit 50 followers! WOOHOO! Yes, I am a woohoo girl! I love followers, so thanks for joining me on this journey.

And thanks, Vanessa, for calling me out. I am here - just a lazy weekend.

So, the other day, I was watching an episode of "What to Wear", and this woman was gorgeous. Great hair, great cheekbones, pretty eyes, clear skin. She was very cute. But she thought she was plain and ugly. I was floored.

And then I realized, even at my heaviest, I always thought I was pretty. I never really doubted that. I have great hair, nice skin, pretty eyes, a cute button nose, and a great smile. I know how to wear makeup, and while my clothes are plus-sized, I dress nicely. I've never really doubted if I was cute or not. I make puckery faces at myself in the mirror. I admire perfectly applied makeup. I applaud myself when I have a good hair day.

I often wonder if this led to letting my weight spiral so far out of control. If I hadn't felt good about myself, would I have gotten disgusted sooner? Not that I wasn't disgusted at lower weights, but I think you know what I mean.

Anyhow, the point is I hope you all free pretty whether you are at the beginning of your journey, half way there, or maintaining. Because I think you are all gorgeous!


  1. Amy, I think this is a really interesting point. I used to joke that I had the Body Dismorphic Disorder - it's what makes anorexics that are dangerously underweight see themselves as fat. I just had it in reverse...most of the time I think I look great, could stand to lose a few, but...

    Same thing as you...I was pretty, nice hair, nice eyes, nice skin - people used to stop my on the street and complement my complexion. I liked to use make-up, wear nice clothes, even if I had to search much harder for the last year or few years, it started getting harder. I wore elastic-waisted pants in public (under a long top, but still! ;) I had never thought I would get there!). I practically stopped shopping, cause I was still gonna be unhappy with how I looked. It became a chore, a burden, not a pleasure.

    But the interesting is, it wasn't until I was in a happy relationship where I felt loved and admired, where my partner thought I was beautiful the way I was, that I could consider taking this step.

  2. I love that you love yourself - big or small. We could all take a lesson from this book because not many of us felt like you did. You are a super sassy sexy woman and it's going to come through like a steam train to those you meet.

  3. girllll.... were you with me last night? someone assumed that i felt bad about my appearance last night (because i recently had surgery). my response? i was the hottest chick at the party tonight. AND i know that everyone there wanted me.... lol...