Monday, January 11

As seen on TV

This is quite ironic on the heels of yesterday's post about how cute, skinny, and pretty I am.

Thanks to my job, I am on TV 20 or so times every year. This morning was one of those times. Now, I've lost about 40 lbs and am feeling OK about how I my body looks. Of course, my hair, makeup, cute button nose, clear skin, and everything else looks amazing, as always. (I hope you can all read sarcasm - at least, said with a side of sarcasm.) Sometimes I'll watch the interviews, but often I don't, just because I hate watching myself on TV.

Today's interview went well, though. I was witty, full of information, didn't trip over any facts, and even made the anchors laugh a few times. But O.M.G. did I look F.A.T. Ugh.

First of all, the female anchor was smaller around than my thigh. And she did push-ups between sets! Surely to make sure I knew how tiny and fit she was. Ok, in reality, she's super nice, and I probably shouldn't hold her skinniness against her. But push-ups? At 9 am? At work? Puh-lease.

So, back to my point. I am standing next to this anchor, who's not only being dwarfed by my thigh, but she only comes up to my arm pit. So, I feel like the Jolly Green Giant. Seriously. I was even wearing a green vest to drive the point home. "Hello, I not only sell cookies, I also peddle frozen vegetables."

Second of all, I'm talking cookies. I mean, what else screams F.A.T than cookies? Seriously, how appropriate - the fat girl peddling cookies.

And finally, ugh. My face is still chunky enough that when I smile, my eyes disappear. Hello? Where are you, eyes? And my second chin has firmly taken residence on the first floor and refuses to move.

Normally, this would have sunk me into a bit of depression, but I also know that this time next year (if I still have this job, fingers crossed the stress-less thing is going to come through and I don't), I'll be 100+ lbs lighter than I am now. And that gives me hope. And has kept me from diving head first into a box of cookies.


  1. OK, first of all: FUNNIEST POST EVER.

    Secondly, TV anchors are generally nuts. They just are. They may not start out that way but I guess when you have so many people scrutinizing your hair and makeup and body, you get crazy. Push-ups between sets is absolutely absurd. And unprofessional, believe me.

    Pushing cookies has got to be brutal when you're trying to lose weight. If you can maintain your good humor, you will always have the upper hand.

    You are really pretty and although I know it sucks to feel so uncomfortable, you're right: this time next year you will be showing that anchorwoman a thing or two.

  2. Holy Moly push ups?!?!? I thought you were joking. Sorry you didn't like the way you looked but you are doing an AMAZING job!