Wednesday, January 27

The scale is not my friend.

I was so hopeful this morning. I've eaten really well since my fill last Friday. Doing what I'm supposed to (other than exercise, but I'm not supposed to until I get these mole stitches out today) and being a model bandster. On Monday, I was .8 lbs from my lowest point.

And today was supposed to be my lowest yet.

But it's UP. Up. Up. Up. Stooooopid scale. I'm now 1.6 lbs from my lowest.

Ok, I guess I'm over it, it'll come off eventually blah-blah-cakes. But the scale still got a small kick this morning. Just a little one, because I do want it to be nice to me next week.

So, my goal until my next fill, which is in 13 days, is to get back to my lowest. That's it. I need to focus on maintaining right now. A loss is just a bonus.

Enough whining - how about a few NSVs instead?

Well, this one is kind of a SV, but it's kind of an NSV as well. As much as I'm frustrated with not losing this past month (I weighed my lowest on 12.23), I've also maintained for all intents and purposes (I don't consider 1.6 lbs up a gain right now.) I've never, ever, ever done this. I'm either flying up in weight or crawling down. But a month? At virtually the same weight? SCORE for me!

My other NSV reminds me of Cara's from a few weeks ago - the towel victory. Mine is about my shower wrap. It's a size 22/24, which I haven't been for a few years. It gaps HORRIBLY in the front around my butt/thighs, but still hooks at the top, so I continue to use it. I looked in the mirror today and realized the 4" gap is gone! It actually overlaps on itself. Go me!

Off to a staff meeting, but will check in later.


  1. I am frustrated with my scale this week too. All that counts is that we're doing what we're supposed to...and the month long maintenance is awesome! I've had that same issue my whole life - up or down.

    Congrats on the shower wrap!!

  2. If I were you I would have totally thrown on some heels with your towel wrap and wore that sucker to work!


  3. Great NSV. And you're right - it will come off. You're doing what you're supposed to do, the scale will follow.

  4. That scale sure can be a bitch to control but such a great NSV! When you can see that you are shrinking regardless of what the scales says then it peps you up and makes you soldier on (and lets face it.. whats on the scale? Water weight.. TTOTM... results from sodium.... it's such a sensitive bugger. CONGRATS!!

  5. YAY! - Good bye Gap! that's awesome. It's a wonderful feeling when you suddenly realize something is fitting way differently that it did before. Good luck on the goal till next fill!