Tuesday, January 5

Speeding towards restriction...

My first fill is done! I am so excited, as I have 6 cc in my band now! (I have an AP Large, which holds 14 cc.) I know I won't most likely get restriction from this, but some people do, so I am crossing my fingers and toes (but not my legs because they are still too chubby).

The experience itself wasn't a bit painful, except for the hour long wait in the waiting room with some of Detroit's finest. Sorry to be so blunt, but man, it was STINKY. Ugh.

The funny part is I was so anxious to get my fill and get an aggressive one, and then when it was over, I was scared to death to drink water. How pathetic is that? Once the MA convinced me I'd be fine, it went down without a hitch.

I'm on clear liquids today, thickened liquids tomorrow, mushies Thursday, and back to normal food as tolerated on Friday. Too bad I am S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G already. This sucks. But I will survive.

I feel like a bonified bandster now. Where's my "cool kid club" card?

Anyhow, the program coordinator was thrilled with my progress. According to their scales, I've lost 31 lbs. My scale is much closer to 40 lbs, which kinda annoyed me, but hey, whatever.

The other thing is that now they weigh on this fancy Tanita scale which prints out this whole little report for you. Here's today's report:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 340.5 lbs
BMI: 48.9
BMR (base metabolic rate): 2308 calories
Fat %: 54.5%
Fat Mass: 185.5 lbs (holy crap, that's a lot of fat)
Fat-Free Mass: 155.0 lbs
Total Body Water: 113.5 lbs
Target Body Fat %: 27%
Predicted Weight: 212 lbs
Predicted Fat Mass: 57 lbs
Fat to Lose: 128.5 lbs (holy crap, that's a lot to lose)

So, of course, I get hung up on the 212 lbs as my predicted weight. Uh-uh. No way. I am NOT stopping at 212 lbs. I realize this is over 100 lbs away, but it already feels like a challenge to me. Realistically, 212 lbs is probably a size 16 for me, but I just don't want to have my weight start with a 2. But I think I should focus on getting out of the 3s before I worry about it too much, right?

Anyhow, so what was the point of this post? Oh yes - 6 cc fill and 188 lbs of fat on my body. Here's to hoping for restriction!


  1. <--hands Amy her "cool kid club" card! Welcome to restriction baby! ;-)

  2. Congrats!

    I cannot wait until I have some restriction! I think the scale print out thingy is awesome. I would love to know all of that stuff about my body no matter how terrible the report. Think of all the extra goals you could set based on those numbers!! Even if the scale doesn't move a lot, maybe some of the other numbers will :)

  3. Right on!! Got my first fill yesterday and I was pretty worried about the ability to swallow too.
    No problem and I'm on the same regimen you are...liquids and lahhh-tee-dahh and all that. I'm with ya, lady....HUNGRY!!!!! And my scale shows a bigger loss than my doc's too. (I think maybe that's an unwritten rule???) Keep up the great work and I'll be following your progress since we were banded at the same time. Love being a member of this club :))

  4. Give the fill a little time to work-- from what I've read, it seems to sneak up on you -- so do what you and I are good at: follow orders and keep to clear and then mushies as instructed.
    You are doing so great.
    Will I ever feel better?

  5. I just got my second fill today (@ 6ccs too) so I am on clear liquids too and of course I am starving!! But it is only a day, right? *sigh* I hope we all get restriction with this fill.

  6. I hope you feel a little something. I know it's discouraging because you want to have it NOW! It took me a lot of fills to get restriction (I have 9cc's in an 11 band),BUT I did get it.
    Good luck!

  7. Yayy, first fill out the way. Man, that's a big band fill you have. I guess though if you hold 14 ccs , 6 is pretty normal. Its just hard to get your head around.

    Here's hoping you get some sweet restriction. And yes, don't be held up by the numbers the doc gives you. Mine told me to aim for 90 kilos but I surpassed that ages ago and am almost 6 kilos UNDER that. No way I am near finished.. I'm only 3/4 of the way there.

  8. yay! welcome to the club. i am at 6cc too and on liquids today and tomorrow and two mushie days following... we can do this.

    your comment to me this afternoon made me get all teary eyed (at work!). i am so glad we met and are doing this together!

  9. I think it is so interesting the different goals doctors set for our goal. My doctor didnt even set one and still hasnt. He usually asks me what I am aiming for. I think you will get below 212. I really do. I think scales or doctors try to be conservative for the most part so as not to dissappoint. You can do whatever you set your mind too!

  10. My verification word was statan, and when I first looked at it I thought it was satan...and thought "oh this is not a good sign".

  11. I would give it a couple days/weeks it does sneak up on you when you are not expecting it to. I am at ALOT of restriction but not too much but when its that TOM I am im SUPER tight like on liquids during that week because of it!