Thursday, January 14

It's therapy day!

And I love me some good therapy. Almost as much as chocolate. But not quite.

To review (in case you don't remember everything I've ever written, which you should, but I know my life is so fabulously exciting, you might have forgotten a detail or two), the last two sessions have centered around career discussions. What a different/better career would mean to me, and even bigger, what I want my life to look like.

Thanks to Brooke over at Lap Band Labyrinth, I am really mulling over testing the waters in freelance writing. Or something related. She discussed how she sometimes feels/felt like a fraud when writing - like one of her clients would suddenly discover she had no idea what she was doing. I can totally relate. And I want to explore that fear a bit more today.

Because I think I could make it. I just have to dig deep and find the courage and confidence to really believe that. I don't want to say 'think.' I want to be able to say 'know.'

On other notes, today's weigh in was not kind. I deserve every ounce of it, but it still sucked. Up 4 lbs. I know it's some water, some because my monthly friend is threatening to visit, and some from the dessert I indulged in a little too freely. My goal is to be back where I was by next weigh-in. And then it'll be almost second-fill day, thank goodness.


  1. Go for it, Amy! We should always try to follow our dreams. I bet you will be great at it - the writing!

  2. Amy, you're a really good writer. I'm a newspaper reporter (though I'm home with the kiddies now) and I really enjoy your writing. I'm not sure what kind of writing you're looking to do, but you have a great, strong voice.