Monday, January 25

Back on the BAND wagon

Let's just be honest and get it out of the way. I weighed myself this morning...I was expecting ugly. Well, not super ugly as I've been on liquids/mushies for 3 days, but I wasn't expecting anything even bordering on pretty. I did a happy dance though when the scale reported I was only .8 lbs up from my lowest. That's all I needed to hear to stay on the BAND wagon. Even though I thought I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing, something's working, and if I would just work a little harder, it would work even better. If you followed that! So, I am back committed to eating the way I am supposed to, restriction or not.

I am still not sure where my restriction stands. I do feel a bit of a lump in my throat when I eat, but I don't get a full feeling nor am I staying full longer. I did, however, only have mushies for breakfast this morning, just because it's what I had in the house (egg salad and a piece of string cheese.) I'll try eating some solid protein and veggies for lunch and see how it goes. Never fear, though, because I have my next fill scheduled for two weeks from Tuesday. I am determined to stay on top of this and keep the ball rolling right down the hill!

I had a moment of regret over the band this weekend. I watched a special on Discovery Health (I think - it was dvr'ed) about Gil Gerard who had mini gastric bypass. (PS - I had NO idea who he was before this special, but it was interesting nonetheless.) He lost 54 lbs by month two (oh, hey, today is my two month bandiversary!), and I've lost 39 lbs in the same time frame. And we started with virtually the same amount of weight to lose. As I watched, I started second-guessing myself. Why didn't I just do GB?

And then I realized, as great as this special was (I definitely would recommend watching it - just because it does cast WLS in a positive light), it didn't focus at all on his new eating habits. They talked a lot about his physical changes, how much more active he is now, and so on. But it didn't talk at all about what he eats, how much he eats, what he can and cannot eat, and so on. So, from that perspective, they really left a lot out.

Once I got over my second-guessing, I realized that I did make the right decision for me. Especially when at the end of the special, they talked about how he was still about 40-50 lbs from where he wants to be and his weight loss has slowed/stalled. I certainly don't wish him any ill-will, but it definitely reminded me that every WLS has it's pros and cons, and quick weight loss is not a pro of lap-band surgery. BUT long-term tweaking is a pro, and I will absolutely use this tool for all its worth...

So, in the words of someone (who? I can't remember!)...I'm bbbbbbaaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkk!

PS - NSV Alert! DH drove my car last, and he always moves the seat up. Partially because his butt doesn't require the same amount of space as mine requires, and partially because his legs are about 3" shorter than mine. In the old days, if I tried to get in without moving the seat back, I'd get stuck between the seat and the wheel and give myself a few bruises. I'd also curse him a lot. Today, I got in the car without thinking about and realized I felt a little closer to the wheel than normal. But it took a second to register that it was because the seat was moved up! I hadn't boinked my head, bruised my knee, or anything else trying to get in. I just slid right in!


  1. Amy-the reason I am choosing the lapband over GB is that I wasn't willing to have the absorption problems that some of these patients have. They have to take vitamins and minerals and supplements for the rest of their life. In most cases the band doesn't cause these problems as we still have our full stomach to absorb everything. GB is just another choice and the only thing available for years. I have been told about people gaining weight with both GB and Lapband because they "drank" their calories, like milkshakes all day.

    I think about the drastic step I am taking but then I want to live longer and healthier.

  2. Amy.. I found my self second guessing my decision too.. but also realized, that bypass may get you to the dance quicker, but does mean you will stay.. Look at Carnie Wilson.. that girl has been up and down.. I have heard of bypass patients that have also had the band implanted after rebound weight, just to control the over eating and splurging.. so .. I think the band is the right choice (at least for me).. don't look back only forward..

  3. Amy,
    First, that lump in your throat feeling. I get it a lot when I don't chew my food enough or try to swallow it too soon or with too much air. So try smaller bites or chewing 20 times, it helped me.
    Second, I chose the Band because it has longer results and because if something goes wrong, it can be taken out. RNY GB is so permanent and a LOT of people gain their weight back and have a lot of hair loss and other problems. Slow and steady works for me.
    Have a great day and good job on the NSV!

  4. Great post Amy. I too questioned whether the band is the right way to go. But you know what, if I am just looking for a fast fix then neither surgery will work. I stuck with my decision to get the band & DH & I will be banded on Wed. - I hope to change my relationship with food & et my weight problem under control once & for all.

  5. Sweet NSV!! That's really fun!!

  6. I never looked at anything but the lapband. I didn't like the other alternative for many reasons but I know that I did make the right choice. I really do love my band.

    I remember Gil Gerard.. he was from Buck Rogers (and was a big spunk too!!) I had no idea he was suffering a weight problem - but I guess - no matter who you are or where you live in the world - or how much money or fame you have - that weight can catch up with us all. Thanks for sharing about him.

    Great post!!

  7. Cara, Gil lost 175 lbs on his own TWICE in his lifetime. He weighed 300+ lbs before he was in his early 20s. It was pretty inspiring to hear his story!