Sunday, May 2

You people have infiltrated my life!

I had a free evening last night (MIL watched the kids), so I headed out to do some solo shopping and dining. SOLO being the key word...however, even though I was alone, I felt very much less than solo. Here's why:
  • I was wearing a pair of Heidi's pants.
  • I was wearing one of Kinzie's shirts.
  • I stopped by Fashion Bug because of Leslie's good deals from a few weeks ago.
  • I bought Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred based on Joey and TJ's recommendations (on sale at Target for $8.50 in case anyone else wants to jump on the bandwagon). I gotta keep pace in the bathing suit challenge!
  • I kept hearing this voice in my ear when I was trying things on, only to discover Draz was sitting on my shoulder, instigating me to buy more and more! I did end up buying some new around-the-house comfy capri yoga pants and a few new t-shirts, so I don't have to be embarrassed to answer my door!

So, thank you!

PS - I am less than a fan of Walmart for a variety of reasons, however, I will say that their line of Danskin workout wear is very nice and reasonably priced (and goes to 5X). I only discovered that after being disappointed at Meijer, Targer, TJ Maxx, and Kohl's!


  1. LOL! I bought the 30 day shred also!

  2. I like the Danskin stuff too! I tried many other places and some of them stopped at size L or the plus size stuff was basically sweat pants. I like the wicking properties of the Danskin and the price can't be beat. I found some great pants for 7 bucks! And if you happen to catch stuff on clearance like I did you can get shirts for under 4 :) The only problem I have is the shirts run a little small on me. I am wearing the XXL and unless I am wearing a jacket I feel funny.

  3. And now I will take everything you just said and go shopping (oh how I wish Target would come to Canada!!) I NEED to shred!!

  4. Too funny! I had more good luck at Fashion Bug yesterday.

    I don't always love Walmart clothes but I'm in love with the Just My Size brand, I've gotten two great pairs of work pants. Love them and they are only $16 each. I need to go get the next lower size for me since I love them so much!

    I also have the Danskin workout pants, love them!

  5. I agree about Walmart. I can pick up some stuff pretty cheap which gets me through to the next level of weightloss, especially their yoga pants which were only 8 bucks. Who can argue with prices like that.

  6. Heeehheee - that WAS me - sitting on your shoulder - telling you to buy more and telling you I'm so proud of you and so amazed to be allowed to be on your shoulder in your journey with you! You light up my life too!

  7. Damn, now I kinda want the 30 day shred. :)

    Glad you had a solo night!!

  8. Love this post!

    The Shred is a classic. I'm pretty sure you can't even be a Bandster until you've tried Jillian's Shred!

    Thanks for your oh so sweet comments Amy!

  9. Shred IT Amy!

    The yoga pants at Target come in talls! Glorious talls! They only go to XXL, though. I can just now squeeze myself into them, but it's great not to have high water yoga pants.