Thursday, May 13

It's the FINAL countdown...

Earworm anyone?

I have all kinds of countdowns going on. Would you like to join me?
  • 9 lbs to Twonesia - well, actually 9.2 I guess. But I was 309.0 lbs this morning. HOLY CANNOLI! I started this journey at 374.4 lbs. It amazes me how far I've come. 9 lbs until my weight starts with a 2, when pre-banding, my weight was rocketing towards starting with a 4. Incredible.
  • 3 hours until Operation: Solid Food - yep, I am going to attempt some solids for lunch today after 8 days of liquids from my last fill. Leaning towards a mayo-y chicken salad. I am praying to the band gods for no stuckness and definitely no PBs...and even throwing an extra prayer in there for something resembling a sweet spot!
  • The Great Move of 2010 - Draz, honey, don't read this. You will start convulsing. The timeline I discussed yesterday has become even crazier. Don't ask. Bottom line is DH is coming home next Wed (5/19). The owner is supposedly signing a contract that same day, so I will put in my two week notice that same day (I hope); however, I will be off the week DH is home (unpaid) and then do my two weeks after he leaves. The week he is home we are having a MASSIVE moving sale. We are selling everything but our clothes, toys, kids furniture, kitchenwares, etc. Anything that doesn't sell is going to Goodwill. DH heads back to Orlando on 5/24 or 5/25. I'll work and finish packing our personal belongings. He'll find us a furnished place to rent for a year, and then as soon as we have a move-in date, he'll fly back up, rent a U-Haul, pack it, and drive down while I fly down with the kids. This will most likely all happen by 6/15-ish.

Since we've decided to rent for a year, school districts aren't a concern anymore, because they kids aren't in school yet. That opens our search up a WHOLE lot, and there is tons of very nice stuff within the range of what the company is paying (they are paying our housing for a year as a part of our moving package).

I am overwhelmed by how much needs to be done in the next month or so, but the silver lining is in a month or so, we'll be settled into our new place, in a great city, enjoying life. I'll be done working, another 15 lbs or so lighter, and be a SAHM who can focus on getting fit and trim (although I only plan to stay home for a few months).

Anyone in the Orlando-ish area? Do you have a surgeon you'd recommend for me to call about becoming a patient? Thanks!


  1. Well it sure sounds hectic, but also as if it is actually coming together!!

    Sending you good vibes for no issues with your chicken salad and best wishes for the sweet spot!!! :)

  2. Holy timelines!!! You are doing sooo well with the band!!! Sounds like you have it all mapped out! Enjoy your chicken salad!!

  3. Congratulations on doing so well, Amy! You've got a plan in place, and it's a great one. A lot of work, but you will get through it.

    Good luck with the chicken salad today. Someone told me after a fill to take bites the size of a pencil eraser. No stuckies with those, as long as you take your time between bites. Enjoy!

  4. Congrats on the closeness of Twonesia!! I am so proud of you. I'm hoping to hit under 200 before I go to Disney in September.

    Your timeline though crazy is doable. You can do it!! :-)

  5. I love the idea of a new beginning!

  6. So close. Keep up the good work.

  7. Oh how great that that is all finally settled. Won't you be sad though at seeling all your furniture??? Congrats on such a great weight loss too