Monday, May 17

I got an F!

Well, really, I got two "F"s...

Or I have two "F"s...

Whatever. The bottom line is I went and got fitted for a bra on Saturday at Lane Bryant, and I don't wear a 44DD like I thought I did. I wear a 42F.


My poor boobies. Been stuffing these suckers into bras that are two sizes too small for years. Not to mention, I've lost 66 lbs and they are STILL Fs. Oh well, hubby isn't complaining! {wink, wink}

I joked with a friend that I had to special order from the fat girl store. Double sigh. (Note, I am just being sarcastic here - it really doesn't bother me!)

Speaking of, he finally comes home on Wednesday after 24 days gone! I am a happy camper...more so to have help with the kiddos than to see him. OK, I am excited to see him as well.

And the move is moving forward. I've got the next three weekends planned out. We are going to bust some butt:

5.21 - 5.23 - DH home, BFF (J) coming from WI, Mom coming in and getting a hotel room and keeping the kids as much as possible - plan is to pack and sort/prep for garage sale.

5.28-5.30 - Very good friend (K) (the one from last weekend) is coming up for the whole weekend to continue packing and prepping for garage sale.

6.4 - 6.6 - Another very good friend, T, is coming from Chicago to help me do the garage sale. K will come up for the garage sale as well.

It's going to be a whirlwind!

I am starting to get anxious/excited about flying to FL. I should be just under 300 lbs by then, and I am really hopeful I'll be able to fly sans extender. Keep those fingers crossed for me!

On the eating front, I still don't feel full or even satisfied, pretty much ever. It's getting old, but until I can eat three (at least two) 'real' meals per day, I'm not counting my sweet spot out. My days are weird - yesterday I was able to eat a few pieces of sushi , 1/2 of a steamed artichoke (thanks for the obsession, Kristin!), and french onion soup including cheese and bread without problem. I went slowly, but no problem. And then I accidentally gulped hot cocoa last night, and I PB'ed it.

Fortunately, I can kinda 'make' myself PB now. Well, I don't know if that is good or not, but it comes up really easily, so I figure it's not doing too much, if any, damage.

Do any of you struggle with a gurgly tummy at night? I can't eat/drink too close to bedtime or I get some reflux. But if I go to bed with too empty of a tummy, it gurgles so badly, I can't sleep. My solution has been a small hot cocoa about 30-60 min before bed, but that's the one I PB'ed last night. So, my tummy gurgled for 90 min before I could fall's like I can feel stuff passing back and forth through the band! Was driving me crazy...


  1. OMG, that's so funny b/c I was in LB this weekend too and was looking for some undies and was like, "can you measure me for my bra size" and she did and I was an "F" too.. I was like "WTF???" whoever even heard of an F!!!!! I didn't believe her and walked out of the store, talk about denial!!!
    Sounds like you've got a busy busy schedule coming up!!!! Here's to you getting below 300!!!! You'll be there in no time at the rate you are going!!

  2. This is too weird!! I went to LB yesterday to get a bra measurement and I went from 44 DD to 48 F! I don't understand!! Apparently this was the weekend of the f cup!

    Happy your hunny is home--enjoy your time together!

  3. There's an f-word that comes to mind that I'd like to use about all your big boobies. Just kidding. Jealousy is an evil emotion.

  4. Ok, I'm going to admit something here...I have been sized numerous times in numerous stores for bras and every time, They tell me I'm two sizes bigger (in the cup area) than I am wearing. i still buy the same size because I am in denial and refuse to accept that I could be larger than a DD. Seriously. My boobs are so squished into my bras that the poor things have virtually no feeling left in them.

  5. Hey busy lady, good luck with the move!
    When I flew for my wedding I was about 290 and didn't need the extender anymore. I'm 5'11"...who is to say if we are built the same, but I hope that is helpful.

  6. I got new bra measurements this weekend too! My sister in law told me that my new bra gives my boobs a nice 'lift' :0) And everyone that fights gravity loves to hear that..

  7. P.S. it's ON!
    P.P.S. I just heart you so!
    P.P.P.S. it really is ON!

  8. Dude - what was up with bras and boobs and nipples this weekend? Ugh.

  9. Damn Girl!! Do you think if I take my B's in there is a chance for a DD?? So jealous of you gals.. Never had the boobies, fat, thin or in between..