Friday, May 14

Friday Babbles

Let's see...what's rolling around in this pretty little head of mine...
  • I think I have developed a fear of food. OK, not really, but it is strange in how when I look at a normal-size bowl of food, it looks H-U-G-E to me. I can't even fathom how I used to eat 3 or 4 bowls of chili and then couldn't even finish one bowl of my "Italian Chili" in an entire day yesterday. It's playing mind games with me.
  • Following the band rules is HARD when you are on the tighter side. I know that the whole "eat your meal in 30 min" rule is in place so that bandsters don't graze their way through the day. But I can't eat a cup of food in 30 min, and then I feel guilty if I want to keep eating after 30 min. I need to revise the rule for me right now - 30 min OR 1 cup of food.
  • People at work are really starting to notice my weight loss. I thank them, and then they inevitably ask how much I've lost. I hem and haw, and when I finally spit out "65 lbs", their jaws hit the floor. They are expecting me to say 25 or 30, I am sure. It's almost uncomfortable to say how much I've lost. I NEVER EVER EVER thought I'd be the person who doesn't want to say how much they've lost. Usually I am the one telling perfect strangers on the street about my latest weight loss efforts. It's bizarre.
  • I am starting to drop sizes quickly. I started in size 8 LB pants, and couldn't really squeeze into any 28Ws, even though I tried to pretend I was a 28W. I finally pulled out some 26W and 28W pants/capris last week (some of my own, some from the sisterhood). I have on a pair of 26W capris from Avenue today (I think from Heidi?) and they are almost too big already. I am NOT complaining - it's just so weird that it took me 54 lbs lost to fit into them and then within 11 lbs, they are almost too big. It's hard for me to remember what I wore at certain weights, but I do know that I was a 20W when I weighed 260 lbs the last time I really lost weight, so that would be another 50 lbs and 3 or 4 sizes down, so I guess it does make sense that every 15 lbs or so is going to be another size down.
  • Speaking of weight loss, I am now smaller than I have been since about July/August 2007. I weighed 262 lbs when I got pregnant in March 2007. And then I rocketed back up to 320 lbs while pregnant QUICKLY. So I would guess that I was around 310 in late summer, maybe more like early fall. Going down is so much more fun than going up!
  • My friend is highlighting my hair this afternoon. YEAH! Maybe I'll try to vlog tonight...maybe.
  • I got a message from my organization to Crystal Bowersox, who is in town doing her "hometown visit" thing that the Idol finalists do. She talked about her time being involved with us and how much it impacted her. I feel like a celebrity!
  • And I forgot to mention, but a photo I took of one of my clients was published in a local monthly parenting newspaper this month!

Toodles! I am supposed to be working - shhhhh....


  1. Well, shoot.. some of the stuff I sent you will not fit you now - it'll be too big!!! Oh well, pass along!! you are shrinking at a rapid pace!! That's awesome!!!
    I'm getting my hair did tonight as well..

  2. Oh, Jen, many of the pants you sent previously still don't fit, so no worries! If it's any kind of slim cut, it's going to take a few more pounds. But if they are too big, I will definitely pass them along!

  3. Loved this post-- all sounds really good!!
    You're doing great.
    xo V

  4. Ooooh, I love hearing you're flying through the sizes. That's so much fun. So happy to hear things are moving along and people are noticing. That always makes me smile.

    My DD's name isn't Elise - that's actually my middle name. When I first started blogging I was incredibly paranoid about staying anonymous so I used my middle name. I'm more relaxed about it now (obviously, since i"ve plastered the Internet with pictures of myself in various outfits). ;)

  5. Glad things are going well. Must be an awesome feeling.

  6. Great news on the size front and the weight loss. I feel embarrassed about saying how much I have lost too...first time ever...perhaps because it has happened relatively fast and easily this time???? So much happening atm for you...enjoy!!!