Wednesday, May 12


Translate that one yet?

What would my blogger/bandster friends eat?

Duh! It wasn't that hard...LOL, I make myself laugh.

Anyhooooo, I am attempting solids tomorrow! GO ME! I feel like such a big girl.

I'm trying to decide what my best lunch option would be.

Really moist chicken salad? Aack, I hate the word moist!
Crab cakes?
Lightly seared scallops?

Hit me with your best option...a semi-solid protein with the smallest PB factor!

And Heidi, yes, probably a bit tight, but my doc does not do small unfills. Their unfill protocol is your last fill plus half of your previous fill. Stupid? Yes. But that's their rules, and I ain't playing by those rules, especially since those fills cost me $300!


  1. how about making a big ass pot of chili or a corn and seafood chowder!! i make them and freeze a cup at a time and bam they are ready to go!

  2. I would go with the chicken salad. Wow...I can't believe fills cost that much. Hmm...maybe I should check with my dr. up front. Have a great lunch!
    Surgery Date: May 25

  3. Your fills cost 300 dollars? Thats insane. Who makes these stupid rules up.
    I would go - for your first foray back into salads - something that is super wet (theres anotherie.. wet.. almost as bad as moist lol) I prob wouldnt eat the salad (do you have probs with lettuce? I don't but I know others do.) Maybe a casserole of some sort, or as Nella said, a chilli of some sort.

  4. oops that was a blooper, sorry.. your first foray back into salads? I meant solid foods lol. Brain fart there!

  5. Fills are $150 each - so the last two cost me $300 - that's what I meant! Not as bad, but still...

    For chicken salad, I meant a chicken/mayo/spice combo, not a lettuce-based one! I am NOT that brave! :O

    Hmmmm, I'll have to contemplate this morning. I have chicken and mayo in the house that I'd like to use up, so that might be the direction I go...I hope it goes down well!

  6. Good luck, Amy! Chili and black bean soup are go-tos for lunch for me. Also turkey and cheese roll-ups tend to work well. And carrots and hummus (for some reason I really have no problem with well-chewed carrots).

  7. I would go with baked tilapia. Chicken salad is not a friendly food for me when I'm tight, I am stuck right now on it as a matter of fact. Tilapia and chili are always my go to foods for high protein low stuck factor.

  8. Ha ha! I hate the word moist too!

  9. Double ha ha! My verification word was "cankles"!