Thursday, May 6

Hard Head (advice needed)

Why? Why must I be so hard-headed?

I tried to eat a burger tonight. No bun, just the meat.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.


Anyhow, I hoorked like a cat for TWO SOLID HOURS. It was puking-from-the-bottom-of-the-gut PB'ing. It finally stopped, thank goodness, because I was about to curl up in the fetal position and cry. I was home alone with the two kids, and no one was available to come help me.

About 90 min after the PB'ing stopped, I tried some hot cocoa. No dice. It came back up twice. I did manage to keep some water down in between.

I am no longer sliming and am able to swallow my own spit.

My game plan is to let it be for the rest of the night - no water or anything. Assuming I can keep water down in the AM, I will very slowly try a protein shake or a latte. As long as it stays down, I am good to go, right?

I am slightly paranoid that I may have slipped my band or something with all the hoorking (I just like typing that word!). No pain, still able to swallow, etc., so I'm 99% sure I'm okay, but that 1% of me is concerned.

Finally, the kids and I are going to a friend's house for the weekend. She does not know about the band. I'm probably going to have to tell her. I'm okay with it, as she is overweight and I would never want her to think I lost this weight on my own. However, she is also the type of friend who called me 4x/day for the last month of each of my pregnancies to ask if I was in labor yet. That's just how she is. And the reason I didn't/don't want to tell her about the band. It'll be constant questions from now until the end of time. Oh well...

So, my two questions:

1. My band care plan - okay? Other suggestions?

2. If you were my friend, and I sprung on you that I had major surgery nearly 6 months ago, how would you like me to tell you? :) (I'm planning on the whole "This was, and continues to be, a very personal journey for me, and I had to come to terms with my decision before I could share it with others.")



  1. Ugh, I'm so sorry you were in so much pain. (E-hug just sent.) I recommend mushies for a good day or two. Let that puppy rest.

    Why do you have to tell her? I'm not saying you shouldn't but I didn't get why you thought you had to. I think the fact that you didn't tell her for 6 months should help convey the message that it's not something you'd like to be hounded about. Hopefully. People can be weird.

  2. I agree with Jess, do you really need to tell her?
    Tell her than you were sick last night and are feeling a bit delicate maybe? Would you get away with that?

    I have considered telling a couple of friends, i'm sure that they would be supportive but I know that it would dominate all conversations and to be honest I don't want to talk about it all the time!

  3. Hi Amy-stick to fluids for the first 24 hours and then back to puree's and mushies. As Jess said, that puppy needs a rest. You are probably inflammed. I had same "vomiting" for 4 days and my band didn't slip. But see how you feel today and get in for an unfill if you don't think you are getting better. I was in agony for a weekend because I thought I could trooper on. If you can get liquids down without any problems you should be good.

    About telling-well I think you will know. I have told a few people but they have kept my confidence. I have one friend who I would like to tell but she gossips so much I don't want the world to know. She's one of those "don't say anything, but guess what I know". She isn't very supportive so I can get on with just saying I've cut back. If you are spending the weekend with her you may find you have to confess. I am waiting to get closer to my goal before I let the world know. Still worried that it won't work and they'll all say-she's still a loser and will always be fat. Sucks how that mentality is the last thing to go.

  4. Thanks! Feeling much better this morning, although I haven't tried anything yet. ;)

    I don't really want to tell her, but considering I won't be able to do anything but liquids all weekend while I'm with her, I couldn't come up with a good excuse...decisions, decisions...

  5. Ugh. I'm sorry you were horking like a cat. Is it wrong that the word horking makes me laugh? I'm not laughing at your pain though, I promise. LOL.

    Just be honest. Say that you weren't comfortable with telling people until you adjusted to your new life style.

  6. Hoorking is a fun word to type. Imagine not so fun doing it. Hope you have a nice weekend and if your friend is a real friend, she'll understand why you didn't tell her up front.

  7. Hoorking? Yup fun to type but I am glad I have never hoorked! Also I think your idea to just let the band rest a bit and start slow again sounds just fine. And as for what you will tell your friend, good answer you have there. Just tell her that you didn't really want to tell anyone until you knew it was working well. That's what I would do.

  8. Okay - not funny that you didn't feel well BUT horking = my new word. Love it.