Wednesday, May 12

Wonderful, wacky Wednesday

Did you see my ticker? HUH? HUH? HUH? Didya? Didya? No? Go look and then come back.

There, you saw it, right?

64 lbs gone...gone...gone...

I can hardly even believe it myself! I lost SEVEN lbs this week. WOOHOO!

So while that is the wonderful part of Wednesday, there's some wacky crappola as well.

I've PB'ed 4x since my last fill (a week ago today). I have been on pretty much only liquids most of that time. I am doing liquids for the rest of today, since I wanted to give myself a solid 48 hours since my last PB, and then I will try solid protein, maybe tomorrow for lunch.

I think I am extraordinarily sensitive to fills. That's got to be the answer, right? The fill before this last one was 1cc and was too tight for about 10 days, when it suddenly loosened. This fill of .25cc has been a week, and I am so tight, I've PB'ed on a latte and on two kinds of pretty soft soup (clam chowder and broccoli-cheddar). My guess is I might actually be at my sweet spot when the swelling from this fill settles down. In the interest of not ruining my band and in getting to that sweet spot sooner, I am okay with liquids for another day or so. But it is getting old. In the last 5 weeks, I've been on liquids for almost 3 of them! This is NOT what I imagined the band to be like. Seriously, at almost 6 months post-op, I have yet to feel relief from hunger. Sure, I'm down 64 lbs, but it would be nice to just be free from hunger for an hour, an afternoon, even a day. I know it will come, I am just whining...but as always, any reassuring stories are MORE than welcome!

On to other wacky news...

I am going to kill DH. For real. Oh wait, who is it that knows people? Can you help me?

We're moving to FL soon. Now, I am still working full-time, and I refuse to put in my two-week notice until there is a signed contract for a new warehouse and office space in FL. While I am 99% sure this is all happening, I don't want to rock the boat at work and end up with both of us unemployed.

DH has been in FL working since April 26 (not as inventory manager because there is no warehouse yet, but as store manager filling in for someone about to undergo thyroid cancer surgery). He calls me last night and says he is scheduled to come home May 24 and be home until we move.

He's all excited.

I am not. And he can't understand why.

Let's review the timeline, my friends:
  • The owner is going down next week to supposedly sign a contract. Let's say he signs it on Wed, May 19.
  • I put in my two week notice on Thur, May 20, which means I work until Thur, June 3.
  • Two of the weeks DH is home (presumably not being paid) would be while I am working. Not exactly productive for decluttering and packing for a move.
  • DH says they want him back in FL by the middle of June.
  • In those three or four weeks he'd be home (again, presumably unpaid and we are not exactly rich), I would be working for two of them, and in the remaining one or two, we would need to: *declutter because I refuse to pack and move a bunch of shit, *pack an entire 4 bedroom house that is busting at the seams, *figure out what to do with our three cats (find them new homes or figure out how the hell to get them to FL if we can have them in our new place), *have a garage sale or haul the shit to GoodWill (we just have a lot, and big stuff, so I hate to give it away for free), *perhaps find a place to live in FL if that is not straightened out before he comes home in the next 10 days, *get a moving company to the house to get our stuff, and *coordinate a move to FL.

Does anyone see a problem with this timeline?

And DH can't understand why I am upset and stressed. Ummmmm, hello, there is NO way this is feasible. None. I told him absolutely we cannot be down there before July 1. It just cannot happen. And I told him that if he has a say in it, to not come home until I am done working. It's silly for him to be here while I am at work, since lord knows, he won't be capable of decluttering or packing or doing anything like that without me.

The other stress factor is where to live in FL. You Floridians know that schools aren't the best. I feel like we are stuck between finding a decent house with a good elementary school, which aren't plentiful and try to stay there until the kids go to school OR picking the house and area we like and resigning ourselves to paying for private school. Unfortunately, we are far from rich, and private school is going to require me working AND leave us with no fun money. Sigh.

Oh well, it'll all work out. In the mean time, if you see me curled up in the corner sucking my thumb and rocking OR heading towards my husband with an axe, please feel free to intervene!


  1. Sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed. Hope it gets straightened out and soon!

  2. I just started following your blog and I probably missed it but where in Florida are you moving. I'm in Jacksonville florida.

  3. congrats on the weight loss.

    i am worried you are too tight and not getting your protein in. my recommendation is to wait until monday and if no improvement go to your doc. PBing cafe lattes is not good.

    florida...i say rent in the area with the better schools until you know the terrain for sure.

  4. Ok...As a soon to be fellow central Floridian, I can tell you that YES, the school system isn't the greatest, but dependent on where you live there are some really good public schools and that the private schools are not necessicarily better. At the local private catholic high here in Melbourne, they had to change the dress code, not allowing girls to wear skirts any longer because too many little hootchies were not wearing underwear to school. It's all about parental involvement, no matter where you go. Many private school parents just figure little Suzie Creamcheese can do no wrong and let their kids run wild. My daughter is only in elementary school, but I have been very pleased with her school and teachers so far. Where in Orlando are you looking?

  5. its amazing how much us "mom's take on mentally and physically. you can do it, you are a MOM! write everything down and take it one day at a time!

    Great news on the weight loss. You may be in the green zone!

  6. Awwww don't stress, kitten butter. It'll work out. It always does, right?

    7 pounds?!?!? Since sunday? Holy cannolis!

  7. Aww, you and I are about the same time out of surgery and have lost almost the same amount!

    ALSO! I am super sensitive to fills, too! I'm on liquids for about A WEEK after a fill. I just had one yesterday so I'm suffering drinking a cup of cream of broccoli. It's been an hour and I'm not even half way done. I hate this part of getting a fill, but love the part of watching the numbers drop on the scale!!!

  8. Well done on the weight loss, I've just turned an envious cartwheel for you.

  9. 1. I hate you for losing that much weight. (ok not really....but sorta)
    2. Your list of things you must do by certain dates gave me a panic attack cuz I'm a planner down to the minute and your hubby's plan is WHACKED out. Tell him Draz said it won't work - he has to fix it.
    3. I refuse to look at your ticker - why? Revert back to #1 please.

    I heart you!