Sunday, May 9

News from this mother's front

Happy Mother's Day to every type of mom out there - if you've ever cared for a child, cat, or dog, or provided mothering comfort to someone, give yourself a huge pat on the back!

My mother's day so far has consisted of surviving several temper tantrums, massaging a certain body part on a little boy in hopes of relieving constipation, cleaning the kitchen floor on my hands and knees...and listening to the cutest toddler voice sing nursery rhymes, getting slobbery kisses, and cuddling with my two sweet children on the couch. I guess my day is kind of what mothering is all about!

On the band front, well, I am tight. Probably borderline too tight. I PB'ed the last three days in a row - sigh. Once was on soup and once was on a latte. Not good. However, I can keep liquids down (most of the time!) and am feeling okay, so I am going to ride it out on liquids for a few days. I've had 24 oz of water and a protein shake so far today, and I'm doing good with it.

The good news is I've lost a couple of pounds since my last fill, bringing my grand total to 61.4 lbs. And if you remember, the most I'd lost previously was 59.8 lbs, so the band has officially helped me to lose the most weight I've ever lost! And I'm way ahead of my 10 lbs/month goal, since I'm still two weeks away from my 6-month bandiversary and have already lost 60 lbs. Sweet!

And finally, I told my friends about the band, but not until they'd both been questioning me, "Why aren't you eating? You can't live on that. You need to eat. Blah blah blah." Surprisingly, they weren't all that surprised. I mean, they were surprised I'd done it since I'd been kinda anti-WLS in the past. But it wasn't this big news that I was expecting it to be! And I think it might have sparked some interest in my girlfriend, as she'd definitely be a candidate.

Off to decide if I brave taking these two out by myself somewhere or not. They both refuse to ride in a cart or stroller, which makes life very difficult, as they can both run fast and in opposite directions!


  1. happy mother's day, baby. what is up with the teantrums today? the princess has been in time out in her room for an hour now. she even told me she was moving away from me because lol.

  2. Happy mothers day! Tantrums here too but then its not actually mothers day here!

    Good luck with your outing.

  3. Your morning sounds like the perfect mommy morning. It's good to be loved. Happy Mother's Day band sister and congratulations on reaching your six month goal early! Yipee! After this last fill, I too am experiencing the same tightness but I'm going to stick it and see. I am weighing later today to see if I made my Mother's Day minigoal...I sure hope so. I've got to work on my water (you've been doing really well with that...I'm impressed) and hopefully that will get things moving along. We are doing this...yah!!! Thanks for your suggestions the other day. I really appreciate your support! Have a wonderful day Amy.

  4. That sounds like a well rounded morning of Mother - the good and bad. I hope you enjoyed your day and congrats on 60 pounds. That's amazing!

  5. Nice SV Amy! Happy Mothers Day, tantrums or otherwise.

  6. Congrats on the weight loss. Sorry for the tantrums, but hopefully you manage to have some fun today.

  7. Happy Mother's Day!

    Congrats on the 60lbs down. I better get my butt moving or you are going to overtake in the weight loss. LOL.

  8. 6 pounds in one week?
    You're an animal!

  9. oh, and I almost forgot...
    Ba-RING it Amy!