Tuesday, May 11

Working 9 to 5...what a way to make a livin'!

When I was about 5, I had a mole removed from my foot. As a reward for being so brave, my mom took me to the store, where I got to pick out anything that I wanted. Anything.

I chose the "9 to 5" 45. Dolly's always been my gal!

What's that got to do with what I want to talk about? Nothing, other than the title fit. And I like telling silly stories.

I've mentioned before I work for a regional non-profit. We cover 32 counties. I do communications, marketing, PR, writing, editing, and such. There is another me in the southern half of our region who does the same thing. The work is split in that we each do local marketing and PR for our half of the region, and then we split the work that covers the entire region, like newsletters, eNews, Facebook, etc. Make sense?

That's how it works in theory. But it's not that way in reality.

I do 95% of the overall regional work, because she can't handle it. Literally. I do Facebook weekly, monthly reporting dashboards for the CEO & COO, take & submit our team minutes every week, 13 monthly eNews, 4 annual newsletters, our annual marketing plan, our annual style guide, and 3 various annual publications. I sit on several regional task groups for communications/marketing support, sit on several national task groups for national issues, and am also managing a HUGE rebranding effort we are going through (launching July 1).

She manages the crisis communications plan, which needs a minor update once/year. That's it.

It's bothered me in the past, but I've just kinda gone with the flow. The workload, while heavy, is manageable, and I didn't really want to rock the boat. I really thought our supervisor would realize the disparity and do something about it. But either:

A. She hasn't noticed (unlikely)
B. She doesn't care (somewhat likely)
C. I am capable and the other woman is not (very likely)
D. It's okay to take advantage of a fat girl because she should just be thankful to have a job (hmmmm, interesting theory, Amy!)

While I don't think it's necessarily a conscious decision on our supervisor's part and I really think a lot of the answer is "C", as I've been coming out of my food coma (and losing 62 lbs!!!!), I've realized that I haven't helped myself either and answer "D" might not just be in the supervisor's mind but also in my own.

If I can toot my own horn for a minute, I have a pretty impressive resume. I was a good student, have an MBA, had lots of successes in my jobs, and have volunteered many places and have lots of desirable skills.

But I have just kind of accepted what's been thrown my way work-wise. I've been content to just take what's been given to me, feeling like I should be grateful that the fat girl got the chance.

And seriously, who wants to go on an interview when you are busting out of size 28W pants and can't even button the suit coat? It doesn't exactly inspire confidence on the interviewer's part or my own. So I've just coasted along, accepting this less-than-acceptable treatment.

But no more. Granted, I am leaving here soon (they don't know that yet), but I am growing a backbone for the rest of the time I am here, especially because I get to take my new backbone with me when I leave.

And when it's time for me to find a new job in FL, I *will* apply for jobs that I am qualified for with confidence. I will get interviews. I will rock those interviews. And I will have my choice of jobs. Because I am a valuable, skilled employee.

And I'll no longer be held back by fat. Thanks to my band and my hard work.


  1. Good luck on a new adventure. I'm in the same boat with trying to make everyone realize I can't do it all. Well you read my F*** post. Anyway, sometimes we have to stand up and it is much easier when we have confidence in ourselves. I see it shining through in you.

  2. Girl, you rock! enough said.

  3. Every time I put on a pair of new heels or a piece of new clothings that I am not used to wearing like the skinny bitches, I repeat to myself..."CONFIDENCE", "CONFIDENCE"! I have it, walk tall and you will rock it!

  4. Whoo hoo! I love how much confidence you are gaining with your weight loss. You are doing so well Amy! Can't wait to hear about the new job!

  5. Sounds like a great job, but obviously the inequity sucks. I also feel somewhat trapped in my current job because there is no way I'd want to interview at my current weight. Can't wait to get the band.

  6. Great post... I can relate in so many ways! You go girl!