Thursday, May 27

Life's a-changing

Sorry I've been MIA since all the supportive, heartfelt, wonderful comments you guys left me on my six-month bandiversary post. You guys are seriously the best. I have read each and every comment over and over (including yours, Cara, yes, I did see it!).

I forgot to write them down, and they're on the computer at home, but I did another set of measurements, and I've lost nearly 70" total! WOWZERS!

Life kind of exploded. Things reached a breaking point at work, where I had to make the decision to either quit a bit sooner than I wanted to or pretend I was going to take the leadership of a HUGE project to only quit days later. I opted for the former, because it's just not in me to make life more difficult for those I'm leaving behind.

So, I gave my notice on Tuesday. My last day is June 11. DH is looking at houses as we speak, and we're hoping he's going to find THE one for us (the company is renting something for us for a year). If all goes the way I want it to, we'll have a lease that starts around June 18. It's going to be crazy for a few weeks. AHHHHH!!!!

In the mean time, my weight is hovering 1 lb above my lowest, but I feel smaller in the past few days. It's so weird. My pants are definitely getting looser, and my waist fat on my back used to double over and touch itself and now it barely even dents in (if that makes any sense). I just feel lighter on my feet. I hope that means one morning soon, I am going to jump on the scale, and it's going to be a few pounds less.

Toodles - work calls...10 more days!


  1. 70" is CRAZY GOOD!!!! My almost 100 pounds gave me 53" total (I was just writing about this today is how I know) 70" is something to really be proud of girl!

    Hang onto your hat...Life is like that sometimes, but that's what keeps it interesting! Great job GF!

  2. Holy moly but you've got a lot going on. You did the right thing at work and I bet they appreciate you all the more for it.

    AMAZING on the 70 inches. Haven't done my measurements lately but I guess I should.

    Hang in there!

  3. Very exciting time. Good luck on everything.

  4. You definitely did the right thing with work. Have fun in all your craziness!

  5. OMG - your stress and timeline stresses ME out. If I was there I'd cook you soup, bring you flowers, clean your house for you and give you a foot massage or better yet - hire some cute muscley young guy to do it for you. Take care of you!

  6. Fantastic that you got the comment. I was a few days behind and was worried about it (didn't want you to think I missed your big day!)
    You are going great guns... but ouch, you have a lot going on. I hope things settle for you soon -except your weight loss. 70 is a great, great number!

  7. Big changes on your life atm...I am a few days behind too and left you a comment for your bandiversary

  8. You're doing great! 70 inches a huge! No pun intended!